Tropical Drinks Limited: Company Overview

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Date:  2021-03-06

Tropical Drinks Ltd is a new company in town. This is a company with unique, quality and reliable services to the customers. The time has come for everybody to love drinking juices again. This is a startup company that basically focuses on the manufacture of soft drinks and aims at providing healthy drinks for every consumer in the market.

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Our company is full of professionals who handle clients diligently with a lot of respect. Our products are also standard and meets the minimum requirements as per the soft drinks policy. Being fully established, we believe that we offer the best in the market and that any consumer who wants comfort and healthy drinks is welcomed to our company. Quality customer service is our driving motto.

Target Market

Soft drinks are consumed by people of all ages. Therefore, the product is aimed for the general market. But a lot of concentration will be on the youths because of their love for soft drinks. Being that the company is located in an area with hot tropical climate, soft drinks usually have a high demand all year round.


Offers will include free trials, combination of different products and services, discounts and money-back guarantees. This will result in a rapid growth for the business. Soft drinks like water will be given to the first customers who buy from us on the day of launching our company.

Marketing materials and promotions strategy

Both monetary and non-monetary promotions give consumers opportunities for entertainment, exploration and value expression. Marketing materials to be used are the company website, business cards, print brochures and catalogs. Promotions will be carried out through trade shows and expos, television ads and press releases. Online marketing will also be employed. This will include keyword strategy, search engine optimization strategy, paid online advert strategy and social media strategy.

Delivery Details

Our firm will employ unique delivery methods. We will provide transportation at the cost of the company to the destinations of our customers. This will be in the form of after sales services that will capture all the destinations no matter the distance. Our firm will also contract motorcycles that will specifically do delivery to fasten movement of drinks to the respective customers.


Our product will be juicy and healthy. Medical experts will be contracted by the company to examine the drinks and ensure that they are good for consumption without endangering the health of the consumers. Our products will value customers. We will put the interests of the customers first and ensure proper supply in the market. There will be no room for substandard drinks as a way of satisfying selfish desires like our counterparts do.

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