Trafficking For Sexual Exploitation

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Date:  2021-03-01

Sexual exploitation can be defined as sexual abuse women, children, youths and even men through exchange of sexual acts or sex for food, drugs, shelter, protection, and other basic needs of life (Russell, 1985). Trafficking for sexual abuse means recruitment, transfer, transportation, receipt and harboring of individuals by use of force or threat or other means abduction, fraud, coercion, abuse of power, deception, position of vulnerability or giving and receiving payments to attain the consent of individuals having power over another individual for purpose of sex exploitation. Girls and women are more frequently trafficked in sex exploitation; however men or boys trafficking sexual exploitation is largely under reported because of combined reasons like the hidden male prostitution nature, cultural and gendered stereo types that do not reflect it possible for male to be exploited sexually (Farrell, 2011).

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Impact of Trafficking For Sexual Exploitation

Trafficking for sexual exploitation make people to became commodities which deprive them of human qualities. It happens particularly because of prostitution demand and others forms money-making sexual activities that traffickers inquire to supply. Virginity is highly valued in some cultures and ignorance and myths concerning about HIV/AIDS transmission social disgrace. In communities where sexual morality is highly valued, girls and women are frequently left with shame of chastity lost, instead of being taken as sexual exploitation victims. Male victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are often denied support, further marginalized and discouraged form coming frontward. Trafficking has a harrowing impact on emotional, physical and mental well-being of individuals ensnared in it. Victims often go through post-traumatic stress conditions and with that, depression, insomnia and acute anxiety. This makes numerous victims to turn into alcohol and drugs to numb the suffering and pain ().

Sex trafficking also encourages societal breakdowns through removing girls and women from their loved ones and societies. It promotes organized criminal groups that usually take part in illegal activities such as weapon and drug trafficking and money laundering. It impacts national and local labors negatively due to decrease in human resources and burdens health systems. It also promotes security threat to vulnerable population and widespread in corruption.

Combating Sex Trafficking

Governments have to address factors contributing by empowering and engaging with vulnerable societies. Strategies to decrease vulnerabilities at the local society level include; non-formal and formal education, developing micro-credit and life skills and protecting children.

Governments should collaborate with organizations such as World Vision and United Nations to prevent possibly vulnerable civilians form being exploited by teaching law enforcers and other officials to classify and protect victims of sex trafficking; prosecuting traffickers together with their accomplice; securing victims justice; and playing effective part in international movements for protection and promotion of human-rights (Hughes, & International Organization For Migration, 2002).


Most children and women subjected to trafficking for sexual exploitation suffer huge human-rights violations such as right to dignity and security, right to liberty, right to health, right to involuntary servitude among many more. Individuals sex trafficking has also led to negative effects on well-being and health of victims, this effects could be long-term and ultimately life threatening. Traffickers should be prosecuted together with their accomplices so as to combat sex trafficking.


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