Tourism Essay Example: Tourism as One of the Economic Courses

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Date:  2021-03-25

Case problem one

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Tourism should be introduced as one of the economic courses because it has diverse career opportunities and is a core income earner for most countries across the world. Thus, students have to understand the various concepts and approaches that surrounds tourism in order to be able to venture in its various fields. By introducing tourism in the syllabus students will acquaint themselves with intermediaries and institution that perform tourism activities on behalf of the customers such as travel agents. They will be able to study the various tourism product and how they are marketed and consumed such as an airline seat. Moreover, they will be able to analyze activities and institution from an evolutionary angle. Students will also have the knowledge to focus on the management activities necessary to operate a tourist enterprise such as pricing, marketing, research and planning among others. Tourism is a basic aspect in economics because it important to domestic and world economies since it focuses in supply, demand, employment, expenditure, foreign exchange and development among others. In addition, it integrates all approaches into an inclusive method dealing with both micro and macro issues. This is because it tries to explain the tourism firms market, its result, its linkages with other institution, its competitive environment, the customer and its results among others. Therefore, it should be introduced as part of an economic course because it will help the students to get a better understanding of the concepts of economics.

Case problem two

When collecting data the statistic department should subdivide travelers in group identified as nonresident travelers, resident travelers, and other travelers. Both nonresidents and residents should include both same day and business travelers while other travelers should consist of former residents, military personnel, immigrants and crews. While collecting data the department should distinguish the different type of visits that include holiday inclusive, holiday independent, business visit to friends and relatives as well as miscellaneous. Visits to tourist attraction by local residents should not be included but visit to second homes should be included where they are clearly for temporary recreational purposes. In addition, tourist should also be categorized according to their expenditure that include higher-spending, low-spending, longer-staying long-haul and short-haul. Moreover, it should be categorized into two that is international and domestic expenditure.

Activity two

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Question 1

The national trust historic sites are historic places that create connection to our heritage and help us to understand our past, appreciate our triumphs as well as learning from our mistake. In addition, this sites aid in defining and distinguishing various communities by building a strong sense of identity. Examples of historical sites include; President Lincolns cottage, Drayton Hall, Acoma Sky City, Belle Grove, and African Meeting House and Abel Smith School among others. The National Trust is a privately funded non-profit organization that ensures that such historical sites are protected and promote in order to ensure that stories remain part of our daily lives. Moreover, it mobilizes people of all walks of life to participate in protecting the American history by raising needed funds to ensure that the icon of the past remain with us in the future.

Question 2

The National Trust get its operation funds from generous support from people who are committed to preserve places and stories that make America so lively. They also get funds from their Members who are encourage to contribute by their various gift membership offers. Moreover, individual, foundation, and corporate donors also contribute to the organization. They also get funds from tribute and memorial giving this is where a deceased or a special occasion such as an anniversary is honored by protecting an historical site that was or is important to them through giving.

Question 3

The National trust does not decide which buildings are historic but are concern with peoples choice on places that define and challenge them as well as places that bring them together. Furthermore, when older building are destroyed in an area this means that the engine that keeps neighborhood growing is destroyed. Buildings must form a sense of identity and create opportunity for growth and help people feel at home. Therefore, building should be reused in order to encourage economic growth as well as stimulate a vibrant community.

Chapter 3

In the tourism industry my area of focus would be food service. Since I was young I loved cooking and being a chef has being my dream career because I have always been a good cook especially with the local dishes. Thus, food service industry is the area I would successfully perform. After my eleven grade I will consider joining a cooking collage in order to expertise in cooking. Then I will enroll for an internship program that will enhance my potential practice skills and develop professionalism. In addition, it will enable me to get a better understanding of the field of food service. Through this exposer I will be able to learn from the best in the industry and with no time be an assistance chef. Moreover, after years of experience I will ensure I qualify to be a head chef and work for best restaurants in the country as well as starting my own restaurant.

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