Tom and Jerry in Childhood Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

Tom and Jerry's movie depicts violence between Tom and Jerry. This comprises chasings all over the scenes. Tom is seen as a villain when compared to Jerry. Taking a close consideration outlook of the event, it is evident that Jerry's small appearance displays him as a charming character and leaves Tom at the verge of being a villain. According to me, Tom is miserable about the events and this could move me into a state of melancholy as I sympathize with Tom. In this essay, I am seeking to argue out on how Tom was a victim of circumstance and miserable despite the valiant character pasted on him.

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In the movie, Jerry Acts as an innocent character who seems to be harmless. Every action Jerry committed is seen to be harmless especially to Tom. To add on that, Jerry had powerful allies who consider him to be mistreated by Tom. Jerry's friends included the dog. Jerry would always seek refuge from the Dog especially when he faces Tom's wrath. Jerry used the Dog as a scape goat because the dog overpowered Tom. (Rachelle, p. 112-212) Therefore, in most cases, Tom retreated to avoid direct confrontation with the dog. Tom suffers great mistreatment from the dog who always view him as a nuisance character. It's ironical that as the viewer we clearly know Jerry uses his small body posture to defend himself. Furthermore, Jerry is mischievous and set plans and traps that would portray Tom as valiant. Otherwise, I consider Tom in this particular scenario as a victim of circumstances since the society towards him did not look at the bigger picture to evaluate if Tom was bad, instead, they assumed and supported Jerry in most of the case. Though clearly, it is not the case.

Apart from that, Jerry mostly started the confrontation. he was the one causing the disputes and conflict in most cases. Whenever Tom is confronted, he burns in anger and seeks revenge on Jerry. In the revenge mission, chases and attacks would erupt which would end up inflicting pain to Tom. During these disputes, Jerry's small body Stature would mostly give him advantage over Tom. (Rachelle, p. 112-212) Since Jerry had a smaller body, he could access smaller spaces of hiding that were out of reach to Tom. Jerry is smart and capable of making Tom an underdog. This fact makes Tom miserable because of losing the battles.

According to me Tom and Jerry is about two animals who are in constant contact. Both animals are trying to escape trouble. In this film, we see Jerry trying to attempt on his fate but the other hand, Tom as a substantial aggressive animal who knocks anything that is on his way in order to find a way of getting hold of Jelly. There is an episode which I think the character Tom deserves some sort of sympathy especially when he tries to bring up the role of a guard which in the eye to the viewers is a good act but it ends up that Jerry makes it, even more, harder for him. There was this particular episode which has the setting of the three musketeers who are in an attempt to raid the mice in the house. (W. Shay, p.52-66) We see the attempt of tom to guide the famous house but it turns out that the mise succeeds despite tom's effort and the parade to their homes with cheese and such a case we view tom as a total fail. But it's important to note despite jerry making me feel wrong looking back at the different scene it would be vital if I mention that tom was not a good character after all. in my point that Tom was innocent is the fact if you consider watching the whole series you cannot that Jerry is the character who starts everything and tom on the other had to get violated in an attempt to try to stop Jerry from making the situation even worse. Considering this fact about tom being on the wrong in the end. Makes it seem unfair because of this so ironic considering other movie villains who pay for their crimes. And hence tom treatment is justifiably wrong.

Because Jerry only wants to steal the food, I think this should be an apparent reason as to why Jerry is seen to be more evil compared to Tom. I would love to watch Jerry skinned alive for his crimes by Tom but the story keeps rotating around. I don't like how the plot treats jerry and as a kid, the impression is not satisfying. Biology plays a vital role in the bring up the play as we see that a cat which is a predator hunting the prey which in most cases is the mouse The story tries to make the inferior animal have some superior luck in all attempts as a way of trying to make the story. But I thinking of sticking to the law of order I think the mice needed to suffer for all the crimes not just escape in mysterious ways. They even get tom killed which is quite impossible considering the current setting of the carton. It's a bad feeling that the woman of the house beats up tom for the reason of trying to stop Jerry from messing things up made me feel the undermining state the carton puts its character.

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