Does Failure Lead Us to Success?

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Date:  2022-04-04

In any situation, failure is identified as an opportunity to grow and learn, or it is one of the negative experiences that have created a severe challenge in preventing success. The main quest is that how are parents answerable and how are they capable of improving their children intelligence through a general process of hard work. However ever, the study indicates that

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Parents play an integral role in every child's development and one of the significant forces in general development when one thinks about how mindsets and motivations develop. In raising children, parents are viewed to be having a powerful impact early throughout and on the children to send the general message about failure and how one is capable of getting prepared for it. In the past, some research has been done to find out how the forces are playing out. However, the children, on the other hand, focus on what parents are capable of doing regarding ensuring that their kids are motivated in school. According to some the research done in the past, it is totally clear that a fair amount of evidence is demonstrating that children view their abilities as something that is more malleable and something they can hold on and change over a period, then they are capable of handling the challenge in a more a manner that is quite constructive. Even though communication to a child is not that easy, parents need to demonstrate proper communication to their kids and represent the ideas to their kids in a way that doesn't show a negative reaction towards the child setbacks or general failure. It is important to first think about what makes sense to other individual and whatever is visible on their other person mind to send the important message regarding deeds and words. In simple terms when a child comes home with a fail in English or mathematics then how parents will respond to the idea will end up having a greater impact on how the child is capable and perceives their own ability to learn English and mathematics. In most cases, parents should be sensitive with this point since even well intentional comments that are directed to comfort the child is capable of sending a negative message to the kids without the act of helping the kid. For example, if a kid performs poor in mathematics and you end up telling him that you are a good footballer; can be a little sensitive on the kids side.

Children in most cases perceive being smart not to have any form of relation to their parent's perceived intelligence but rather many relations is directed to how their parents are reacting towards their general failure. A parent who had experienced serious failure in themselves or on the kid is most possesses a debilitating mindset on the kids who in most cases are likely to live with the belief that their intelligence is in most cases fixed. The more the parents are in a position of believing that their failure is debilitating, it is important for their children, on the other hand, to view them to be so concerned with the result of their grades and general performance, rather than their improvement and the general learning outcome.

On the other hand, failure does not automatically lead to success. Many people have expressed how their success was fueled by failure, and they encourage learning from and embracing failure. Success after failure depends on a child's attitude because some might use the same approach after failure leading to the same results without realizing. Some children have been discouraged by failure and ultimately gave up on soldiering on or attempting the task for the second time. There are cases when children see others failing at something and developing a negative attitude because they think they might fail too. It is the nature of humans to fear to take a risk in a task that many have failed in. Some children give up after failing once because they believe that a first attempt fail means consequent fails. Children are most likely to learn from succeeding than from failing.


In reality, various individuals and kids in general are supposed to embrace the fact that failing and at times taking risks are some of the significant moves that are in place to bring understanding, innovation and general clarity that is going through challenges and by making serious mistakes is not a clear indication that one is failing rather it's one of the necessary components in place that indicate progress and its capable of providing a better platform for most student to stand a chance of releasing their creative ideas and even sharing some of their authentic ideas. Parents and teachers are supposed to live with the understanding that the feeling that the feeling of belonging has something significant to contribute to the universal needs of the children. Some of the struggling children who are recording poor performance are viewed not to be subscribed by such needs until the point that they are now growing into adulthood. To prevent failure into most kids lives, it is important to instill responsibilities which will make the kids set on their pace, and this will finally make them have the feeling of belonging.

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