Theology/Psychology: A New Understanding of Human Behavior - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


The Allies, Neutral Parties, Rebuilders, and Colonialists have come up with a concrete affirmation that theology and psychology have shed some light on how human behavior and how we can come up with a finding on the numerous factors which might overlap each other. Just like the Rebuilders models, Colonialist and the Allies model significances Christian orthodoxy, but the Allies model has not shown their signs of agreement on the fact that psychology is a subject matter that should be compliant to theology as the subject matter. As the Allies model come in accord with the rebuilders on the secular assumptions often contaminate the psychological theories and conclusion on findings, the Allies model, however, does not see the whole ground as in need of a complete refurbish.

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On the other hand, the Allies model has recognized that psychology has had a self establishment as a perfect subject. It has affirmed that the people who are working on this field based on different sections, such as theory, research, and praxis, have distinctive impending with which must be conversant entirely. That is if we participate in the discipline just like it exists today. Moreover, The Allies model does have caution, that we must be extra attentive on the ways that secular assumptions often change the discipline of psychology in a manner that may need an appraisal from a Christian point of view.

Theological reflection, however, focuses on God's workings in the world; and psychological, on the other hand, has a reflection on typical focus on the workings of God's world. Coming up with a perspective that is integrative and proceeds from the framework of Christ-centric. With certain ends in mind, which is cultivated by the hard work, it is a test, but it is a possibility. Basing on the words of the priest of Jesuit and psychoanalyst, William Meissner: "The great confront to the Christian psychologists relies on the shape of the theory of man's psychological functioning that is, combined with data and the insights of psychological understanding which is modern, and which is also consonant fully with the insights that are Penetration of the tradition of Christianity."

The processes which are used in each of the models have had their position within an integrative model; nevertheless, they have been in guidance of by different achievement. As the Allies model wants us to framework our knowledge of the condition in humans inside a biblical worldview, it does not frontier us to investigating the nature of humanity through the theological sources alone. It has, however, recognized that the segregation of the disciplinary is essential for methodology; psychology will always depend on the historical underpinnings and philosophy and the empirical and non-empirical methods of research which is unique to the discipline; The Christian theology will make use of the critical reflection, hermeneutics, and so forth in studying the word of God

From their different methods and goals, psychology and theology have stressed on different things. Reflection Theology is typical focuses on the workings of God in the world. It elaborates on the story of the involvement of God with the world in the creation and redemption of the world. Psychological reflection has typically had more focused on the workings of God's world to the world. It has aided us in getting a better understanding of the methods in which human characteristics are mediated. The Christian worldview is relevant directly when we ask what worth and achievements we should hold close and trail.


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