The "World Behind" Field of Dreams - Movie Review Analysis

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Date:  2021-03-31

Ray is a farmer from rural Iowa and lives with his daughter Karim and his wife, Annie. Ray with his family used to live with his father in the same farm before his death. His father was called John Kinsella and used to be a great fun of baseball games (Kinsella & Robinson, 2003). His favorite team was Chicago White Sox. Ray was suffering from financial burdens, and his brother-in-law had suggested several times that they sell their farm to be able to settle their financial obligations. He was not ready to sell any part of his estate as he used to hear voices in his head directing him to turn the firm into a baseball field. The voices in his head promised him that once the fields were ready, he would be able to see his father. Ray had always wanted to see his father again, as they had established a strong bond when he was alive, based on the baseball talk his father had. In all his encounters throughout the movie, all he wanted is not to see the match in magic but to see his father again which happens by the end of the film.

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The "world within" Field of Dreams

Following his voices, he decided to work in his field so that it could accommodate a stadium for baseball games. His wife gets skeptical with his idea but still encourages him to act as shown in his visions. In his cornfield, he imagines a baseball field and for a whole year after finishing the preparation nothing happened (Mossop 2014). But one night after he had lost all the hope of seeing the player in the field he had prepared, he saw some men who had been deceased playing. The men were from the 1919 team that his father was a die-hard supporter. His brother-in-law continues to pester him to sell his field, but he gives him a deaf ear. Once more Ray hears the voice in his head that directed him to find a 1960s author for the golden days of baseball. The author is called Terrence and found in Boston where Ray traveled to find him as part of his heroic adventures. He wanted the author to bring him to a red sox game which was part of his visions. In the match, Ray saw on the board written that he was supposed to find one of the 1920s players called "Moonlight" Graham whose hometown was in Minnesota (Grubb & Ryan, 1999). They went straight to Grahams office only to be told that he died in 1972. They returned to their residential motel. At night, he went out and magically Ray taken back in time and had a chance to talk to Graham. Graham had quitted playing baseball to become a doctor. He went back home and together with the author and his family they watch the magical games. His daughter falls ill, and the doctor comes off the field to save her. This was a sign that he couldn't go back to play. Ray finally gets a chance to see his father as he had always hoped.

Connecting to the 21st-century theologian and reflection with the Holy Spirit and Identity

The world in front of me remains unpredictable and only allows me to prepare and respond to the events once they unfold. The movie "Field of Dreams" presented with fantastic sceneries, for instance, the players in the game and the time travel occasion during his Minnesota search for Graham. It is our responsibility to perceive situations and respond to them appropriately. Like the Holy Spirit speaks in a small voice to people in their mind, Ray was able to hear a voice and decided to follow its directives. The Holy Spirit was a guide that Jesus had promised to send to people as a guide in their lives after leaving for heaven.


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