The United States Army: Place of Success

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Date:  2021-03-11

The United States Army is one of the most advanced in terms of technology and experience in the battlefield. The country has one of the largest military budgets globally, more than China and Russia combined. I have always admired the United States military and hope that I will be able to enlist to protect my country. In the recent past, an unprecedented turn of events has been happening in the U.S military. I have witnessed a rise in the number of young people who are interested in joining the military. The trend has been high, especially for the past decade. This development is happening despite the hardships that the trainees have to endure before they can graduate. There has been a debate on the reasons contributing to the high number of young people in the military. Some of the reasons that have been cited include the 9/11 event, the high salary and wages, and the benefits (Clarke, 12). However, there are those that still believe that young people are self-motivated, and do not need any external rewards to join the military.

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According to Alavosius (34), the 9/11 event could be the main reason explaining why most young people are motivated to join the military. The 9/11 led to the death of thousands of innocent Americans, and destruction of property (Stein, 87). The terrorist attack left the U.S citizens angry, and most of them are willing to defend their country. I have also learnt through reading that the majority of the people joining the military are the young people. The economic challenges have been cited as the main reason prompting a majority of the blacks to join the military. The inequitable distribution of resources and marginalization continues to affect the young black communities, explaining why most of them are more willing to enroll in the military.

As aforementioned, it is always a privilege to serve in the United States military. Serving in the military comes with many responsibilities as well as hard work, pressure and adaptability. This explains why not every individual will be eligible to serve in the military of the U.S. The young people serving in the military enjoy many privileges that others may not. For instance, one has the opportunity to attend college and work at the same time. The salary given is enough to pay for college fees and also for upkeep.

Finance is an important factor that explains why most people want to join the military. For instance, it is estimated that people an experienced soldier will earn between $35,000 and $40,000 annually (Mearsheimer, 65). The military officers are also eligible for free medical and dental care, housing allowance, and education. The G.I Bill was passed, giving the military personnel an opportunity to pursue education. The enormous benefits explain why most of the young people are attracted to the military. People from the marginalized and poor backgrounds, such as the blacks will consider working with the military to improve their standards of living and help their families.

It is predicted that the demand for military jobs will continue being on the rise in the United States. As long as the working conditions are improved, young people will be willing to serve in the military. The high salaries and wages will act as the primary source of motivation. However, there is still a need for more studies that will assist in establishing whether there are other factors that will motivate young people to join the military.

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