The Speech - Prevention of Child Abuse

Date:  2021-03-12 22:35:14
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Introduction - the different forms of the child abuse and the brief description on how they can get prevented.

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The speech summary - summarizes the main points of the speech, for instance, the different ways to mitigate the child abuse and outlines the different bodies concerned with the child abuse. It also states the purpose of the speaker in the article and the target audience getting addressed.

The speech addressing the general public on how to prevent child abuse and the bodies educating on the child abuse.

Conclusion reminds the individuals to come together and fight for the termination of child abuse.

Bibliography - the referencing material

Speech summary

The speaker in the articles brings about the different forms of child abuse and suggest the different ways in which the malpractice can get curbed. In the article, the main audience of the speaker is the general public, the common man. The main purpose of writing the article is to highlight the different ways in which the various individuals can use to identify the form different forms of child abuse and the approaches they can take to ensure child abuse get stopped. In the article, the speaker identifies the different forms of child abuse that includes the emotional, physical, neglect and the sexual abuse. The speaker also compares the different activities some people do with their kids in freedom while other peoples sons and daughters get held in captives working day and night while getting insulted and sexually abused. The speaker comments that all people have the obligations to ensure that the child abuse is getting to a standstill since the children get hurt and some even go insane due to the physical and mental torture that they get.

The speaker thus proposes different ways to help in preventing child abuse. The primary way to prevent child abuse is to identify the organizations that deal with the child welfare. In the speech, the speaker gives an example of the Department of Family and Child Services as an example of the organization dealing with the child welfare. The speaker encourages all members to ensure that whenever they see any treatment on any child that portrays an abuse on the child then they should contact the DFCS. The speaker insists that child abuse is a mistreatment of the kids and all people should come together to avert the practice. In my opinion, I am fully convinced that the speaker has achieved his purpose through the expression of the bodies concerned by the child abuse and also suggesting the idea of creating public awareness on the same issue.


Child abuse has cast a shadow over time where every year millions of children get discovered to have gotten abused. As some children get the freedom to participate in various activities with their parents, some of our children get locked up in a damp and in the dark closet getting punched on their faces by their cold-hearted guardians who get obliged to take care of them. As you and your son get ready to go play or watch football in a stadium, another persons son is in a captive working the whole day and night. Let us come to think of it. What have these children done to deserve all these they are going through? As one takes her daughter to a pageant for her, someones daughter is somewhere getting abused and discriminated, shown how she is ugly and that there is no one who likes her making them feel that they dont even deserve to exist in this world. The different kind of child abuse includes the emotional, neglect, physical and sexual abuse. These practices can get prevented but how can we prevent them? What can we do to ensure we curb these miseries on our young ones and other children from harm?

As individuals, we have the responsibilities to ensure we prevent child abuse as much as we can. When you realize or notice any practice that shows any form of child abuse, the first appropriate thing someone can do is to inform or contact the department of family and child services (DFCS) or any other organization that deals with the child care. The organizations have a responsibility for the welfare and employment support, protecting the children, encourage and give other services that strengthen the families hence preventing the children from getting abused.

The forms of abuse such as the sexual abuse often result from loosened family ties. When the guardians or the parents do not monitor their kids and teach them to responsibly carry out themselves, they sometimes fall victims and end up getting abused. When you send out your child to go and work for someone just to earn some cash out of it, the kids can get misused and sexually harass by their bosses. However, as much as the organizations can do several things to help curb the child abuse, there are several things we need to do as individuals to get their services. The actions get taken when you call the departments and explain to them what you have seen or suspected to be a form of child abuse. The moment you suspect or seen these practices you ought to report the incidences immediately. Child abuse is a serious case that we need to come together and terminate. The practice affects everyone and thus our coming together is very significant to ensure it is eradicated. Besides, these children getting abused often get hurt and there are some practices that even cause them to go insanely troubled.

Child abuse does not only include the malpractices resulting from the guardians of the child but sometimes even the parents abuse their children. Some parents and guardians neglect beat and even sexually molest the children. In such instances, the community leadership is critical in preventing the forms of abuse. The individuals should report such practices to the authority and the parents or guardians doing the practice should get punished since all the children have their rights to freedom and not torture.

All of us are thus obliged to come together and mitigate this practice. It starts with me and you. Let's bring our heads together and debate of the effective ways to demolish this selfish activity and with this I believe we will set our kids who are in captives free. The roles of keeping our children safe from malpractices should not get let to the hands of the individual parents but to all of us, as a community. The children are ours and, therefore, we need to treat each and every one of them as our own. Let's come together and shun this practice. Thank you.

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