The Role of the Texas State Government in Promoting the Well-being of Citizens

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Date:  2021-04-02

Question Statement

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Describe and explain role and influences Texas State government in terms of promoting the well-being of citizens of the state of Texas, e.g. protecting private property, preventing criminal behavior, promoting economic stability, and ensuring that state laws coincide with national policies.


Due to the complexity and the existing diversity within the state of Texas, some qualities vary from one Texan to another. This is partly due to the extensive and diverse background that the country enjoys. However, amid everything, the state government still has a role in ensuring the promotion of the religious well-being of all the citizens of the state. The Texan State Government have shown commitment to making a positive difference to the lives of the people. For instance, through the Big Society agenda, the state has enabled the well-being of various individuals to be turned inside out and make them feel so secure that they be able to assist themselves and the communities they reside from. Another duty that the government has been playing is the responsibility associated with providing the best healthcare improvement and ensuring a strategic coordination of having both the public health and societal care commissioned.

The Texan government has also continued to protect private property through the clearly outlined rules and regulations that put forth the rights and privileges of property ownership. Their rights also regulate how property can be transferred from one person to the other and consequences of breaking the law. To ensure that criminal behavior within the state is mitigated, correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers have been put up across the State of Texas. Their primary goal is to teach individuals about the importance of abiding by the law and the possible dangers of breaking them. Finally, the government recognizes the reality that it is the central government, which it remains directly accountable to, therefore, any national policy being made, is directed at ensuring that it stays within the scope of the national policies.

Question Statement

Explain and evaluate the Current state policies in terms of whether government is doing too much or not enough to promote the well-being of citizens of the state of Texas. Explain your interpretation of alternative policies from personal and social responsibility and displaying some degree of critical thinking.


All of the citizens to a state deserve the privilege of developing and growing within a safe and nurturing environment. The Texan state policies have significantly improved over the years and are considered some of the best in the world currently. Although the central government helps in shaping how laws are passed, the reality is that the well-being of the citizens of a state deeply depends on the available state laws. However, Texan government have worked round the clock to provide some of the best policies that are not just helping with a smooth running of the country today but also for the generations to come. This is because, at the state level, policymakers are known to make definitions of the basic laws and regulations that govern ownership of property, criminal behavior, and the ones driving economic growth to the next levels. The state policies are known for their provision of incentives and necessary resources to help with advancing the practice of innovations, outlining authorization of exemplary practices being expanded, and helps in providing the effectiveness of service to the members of the state.

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