The Preservation of Guqin Culture Across Different Generations Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-26


Interviewee 1 provides a strong focus on the development of Guqin over the years across different generations considering that he is in the fifth generation of Guqin players and performers. The interviewee has a strong understanding of essential values that define Guqin as a tradition, which has been transmitted in the different Guqin schools. The development of Zhe schools played a necessary role in creating a profoundly transformed environment where it was possible to promote Guqin through attracting learners to effectively understand Guqin based on a one to one approach that was sufficient and most appropriate in the development of Guqin.

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The Interview is also a professor at the university thus understand the significant changes that have taken place and how the influence the successful development of Guqin. The first interviewer is different from other Guqin teachers due to his strong background which has provided a distinct influence of Guqin in the society from the traditional point of view and on a modern perspective. The first interviewee also works for an intangible heritage organization where different approaches are integrated which provide a diverse understanding of Guqin. The different views are essential in shaping positive knowledge of the underlying aspects regarding the development and transmission of Guqin.

Preservation and transmission of Guqin

The Guqin teachers who I interviewed have different perspectives regarding the preservation, transmission of Guqin and the current development based on diverse approaches that have been considered. Teacher 1 and teacher 2 have very different ideas regarding the integration of technology and the Guqin learning environment. Teacher 1 owns the biggest studio in Hangzhou city which include several Guqin classrooms. The teacher outlines that the increased level of recognition of Guqin presented an opportunity where he opened a workshop which was aimed to capitalize on the increasing interest. Teacher 1 assert that big classrooms are essential in creating a highly diversified understanding on Guqin and essential elements that define a highly successful focus on the need to give everyone a chance to learn Guqin through the development of large classrooms. Teacher 2, however, provides a different perspective regarding the crucial elements in learning Guqin. He asserts that it is only through a one to one approach that it is possible to understand the basis on Guqin and learn different composition and techniques which define a highly effective understanding on the needs of students.

Innovation in Guqin

Teacher 1 highlight that technology has been integral in the development of Guqin considering the diverse methods that have been put in place including online classes where it is possible for learners to learn Guqin and improve on their knowledge based on their needs. However, teacher 2 provides a very different focus highlighting that technology has limited the development of Guqin as a tradition because many individuals who teach Guqin do not have enough knowledge to teach essential elements that define a highly effective focus on important factors that determine a convenient understanding on critical processes that represent core values of Guqin.

Intangible cultural heritage

Teacher 1 and teacher 2 hold a similar perspective regarding the influence of declaration of Guqin as an intangible cultural heritage. They provide a crucial focus on the significant development of Guqin after 2003. The increased interest has been essential in the development of many Guqin learning centers where it is possible to achieve higher growth of Guqin as an art. The development of essential elements that have been put in place outline important elements hat defines a better environment where it would be possible to achieve more significant growth of Guqin.

Guqin teaching approaches

The students who were interviewed had their ideologies based on their teachers, which shows the influence on the teachers on the development of Guqin. Student 1 is taught by teacher 2 who emphasizes on one to one approach and learning Guqin with a critical understanding on important elements that define an important element that help define Guqin as a tradition. Student 2 is being taught Guqin by a teacher who uses both a one to one approach and classroom-based system hence outlines a highly diverse understanding on important elements that define positive organizational change.

Student 1 assert that the best way to learn Guqin is through a one to one format in order to have a better understanding on important elements which define a highly strong understanding of Guqin. Student 2 provide a different perspective where the integration of technology should be embraced in teaching Guqin in order to help create a well engaged environment where it would be possible to achieve the intended organizational objectives.

Both students have been learning Guqin for three years although they have been using different approaches. Student 1 was learning Guqin through a one to one format from the same teacher while student 2 started learning Guqin through YouTube when a friend posted online. Both students highlight that innovation and development of Guqin as an intangible cultural heritage was a strategic move that has helped in promoting Guqin to the world. The student's stress that innovation and growth of Guqin have led to collaboration with western art. The students have outlined that it would be essential to focus on one to one teaching approach because the teacher focuses on developing specific skills that define individual well-being to master positive skills and important aspects that define Guqin development.

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