The Power of Story - Social Media in My Life

Date:  2021-04-01 17:54:28
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

It is through interactions that individuals can share their stories or life experiences. The inception of modernity has paved the way for the introduction of new and advanced technologies, which allow people to socialize and communicate to each other with ease. Unlike in the Stone Age period where people depended on the meetings held or special occasions to narrate their life experiences, the contemporary world has since changed drastically. The popularity of the social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram has changed how people communicate and reach out to each other. It is now possible for social media users to communicate to the masses of people and miles away. Personally, I have not been left behind in the modern digital age. I am a social media enthusiast, which gives me to share daily experiences with my globally.

What Occupies Your Wall?

I am active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On my Facebook wall, I use pictures, videos, and textual messages, when hooking up with online family and friends. I harbor an interest in various aspects such as entertainment, sports, politics, and economics. This has prompted me to like and share different pages and links on my Facebook Timeline as a way of keeping in touch with my followers or fans. For instance, in sports, I am a fervent soccer fan. This makes me pay close attention to what is happening on football world, be it internationally or locally. Through liking of the page owned by the teams I support, I can receive updates regarding them, once I access my Facebook account. The same applies to my Twitter account where I can follow the Twitter handle of the different sports or personalities I adore.

I also utilize my wall as a platform for entertaining those who visit it regularly. For instance, I have the tendencies of posting funny video clips, pictures and textual content which aim at giving my fans something to laugh and merry. I realized that most of the comedians and celebrities in the entertainment industry boast of a huge following on different social media platforms. Some of them also have Youtube channels where they post their videos. This makes their respective fans to access their works with great ease. It is through these of key stakeholders in the showbiz that prompted me to take a keen interest in posting entertaining and content on my wall. The moment I started posting funny clips and textual messages, I realized that my popularity on Facebook and Twitter grew remarkably. This involves increased twits and comments/likes on my Twitter and Facebook respectively.

My wall is also occupied by an informative message and relevant news feeds. Whoever visits my social media walls will not miss inspirational messages, which are meant to encourage those who frequently visit my wall. The current world is full of challenges, and people need to be feed with positive vibes, thus giving them hope to carry on. Furthermore, my wall is also occupied by content supporting community integration and unity. For instance, during U.S. elections which were held last year, I used my wall to communicate messages of peace and national cohesion. I started various personal hashtags which went viral on various social media platforms.

What to do when stranded on a deserted Island.

When stranded on a deserted island, there are some items I will ensure that do not miss with me. The first item will be my iPhone. This will allow me to keep in touch with those who will help me out. Furthermore, the phone will keep me entertained since it has multiple playlists and video clips, thus being able to overcome boredom that engulfs a deserted island. The power bank is also another item I will ensure I have once left on a deserted island. This will ensure my phone do not go off, which will otherwise devastate me. I will also take food with me, which will sustain me before finding my way out. I will also take a boat. Also, I will come with a fire starter. Apparently, all these things will be vital in helping me navigate out of this abandoned island.

Personal Hashtags.

On my social media platforms, I have the tendencies of using hashtags whenever I want my posts to reach out to the targeted audience with ease. I have learned that using the appropriate hashtags on the right comments or posts can translate into valuable followers on these social websites. The personal hashtags are also essential in identifying one in a unique way. For instance, on my wall, I have the following hashtags:



Whenever an individual visits my wall and sees these hashtags, he/she will consider following me due to my personal attributes I have stated.

The Race Card Wall.

When it comes to The Race Card Project,' I have some carefully chosen words which describe my personality. For instance: THIS IS ME: KEEPING IT REAL. I will write these words on my wall, besides my smiling pictures. This will send a message to those visiting my wall that I am a jovial person and fun-loving person, who likes keeping it real.


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