The Power of Films: Beyond Entertainment to Inspire and Inform

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Date:  2023-05-30

Films have been part of society since the discovery of picture motions. While the majority of produced films are mainly meant for entertainment, some are meant to educate, inform, influence, and even inspire. Such films as documentaries and reality shows depict the real events of people or physical phenomena and how they relate to the rest of the physical environment on the one hand. On the other, such films as the Pursuit of Happiness and Becoming Jane, the directors went beyond the mere goal of entertaining to provide life lessons, including courage and perseverance. Therefore, this essay endeavors to explore examples of perseverance, courage, and determination that have been demonstrated by the main characters in The Pursuit of Happiness and Becoming Jane movies.

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Courage refers to where one is not afraid or intimated in doing something, while perseverance is being continuous in action without being discouraged. Determination, on the other hand, is where one remains firm on a particular purpose. These qualities are evident in Cris Gardener character in 'pursuit of happiness' and Jane Austen in 'becoming Jane' movies. 'the pursuit of happiness' is based on Gardener's story, who accepted an unpaid internship in a company, after significant losses and the wife moving, leaving the son behind. 'Becoming Jane' film describes Austen's life, while she is twenty years old, falling in love with a young and middle social class man. The paper describes Gardener and Austen's courage, perseverance, and determination in the movies.

In the film Pursuit of Happiness, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a 'low life' invests all his entire life-saving in a business idea that is not very promising. He invests in portable bone-density scanners and pitches his idea to doctors of efficient they are compared to X-rays. Although they played a significant role in his financial life, the earnings are not enough for both himself and his son's welfare. It becomes even challenging when he is evicted for his tax dues and spends homeless nights with his son Chris at BART station.

The Gardener also lands himself six months of unpaid internship as a stockbroker. Six months not being paid is such a long time, and especially when a child and wife are dependent on one's efforts. Despite the circumstance, Gardner demonstrates perseverance by pushing through the six months of internship as he continues to sell the Bone density scanners to cater to their needs. At the end of the internship period, he lands himself a permanent job as a stockbroker.

Cris Gardener, in the movie 'pursuit of happiness,' shows courage, perseverance, and determination throughout the play. While downtown, the character meets Jay Twistle, one of the leaders in Dean Witter, whom they interact by solving a puzzling test in the car. Later, Gardener secures an interview in Witter's organization and becomes a stockbroker. However, he is arrested for refusal to pay a parking fee, which inconveniences the following day's plan of attending the interview. At that point, he is torn between going to the interview in the jail clothes and preceding the chance. Determination is noted here, as he decided to attend the test, in sweatpants, and after being bitten by the wife (Ruo 906). Regardless of the challenges, Gardener gives reasons why he deserves the chance. The candidate's strength and passion move the panel members that they do not focus on the dressing.

Gardener separated with the wife, who left the son behind, for Gardener to take care. Courage and determination are noted, considering how the character manages the separation and other things going on in his life. For instance, he ensures that they get a comfortable place to stay with the son without the hardships affecting his performance at work. Gardener is determined to get employment after the internship, which encourages him to be as good as others, despite the problems he is undergoing. In one instance, he offers $5 to a colleague, even when he did not have more money, to show determination to help others (Ruo 908).

During work time, the character has to make a line in the shelter to book a bed for him and the son. It means that his working hours are lesser compared to other workers, which becomes tedious for him, especially after having more sales. With this kind of pressure, it is expected that he would give up. However, the character perseveres all and performs better than other workers, operating for more hours. Things get worse, where they are forced to sleep in the restroom ground in a station. He was determined to overcome the challenges and did not compare his life with the rest. Notably, the teammates had comfortable homes and accessed all the luxuries of modern life, but this did discourage Gardener. He believed that being passionate and having a positive perception towards life.

Courage, perseverance, and determination are also notable in Gardener regarding his dream in life. The figure knew that attaining one's life needed a lot of effort. He wanted to do the things he loved and understood. In achieving the dream, Gardener offered everything he had and showed passion all through, and in the end, the vision was met. For example, he excelled in the licensing test in 1981, with the first attempt. In 1987, Gardener opened an organization named Gardener Rich & Company Inc., which has been there for years, where he served as the CEO. Considering the issues encountered by the character, one would not expect him to reach that level. The achievements prove that the actor had courage, perseverance, and determination.

Jane Austen, in the movie 'Becoming Jane' also shows qualities of courage, perseverance, and determination. The narration happens during the Christmas and New Year festive, when Austen meets Tom Lefroy from Irish. Austen had a sister called Cassandra married to a clergyman. After their union, Cassandra and the husband moved to West Indies, where Austen sent several letters, telling the sister of their engagement with Lefroy. The content of the messages show how courageous the character was and the determination to maintain the relationship. In the first letter, Austen told the sister of how they danced and kept each other's company. She said that the man behaved well, as they danced and sat down later to rest. She added that the man was gentle, handsome, and pleasant, which she loved. However, Austen said that Lefroy had a white coat, which he wore in the morning and was uncomfortable for her due to the brightness.

Lefroy loved Tom Jones, who made him like bright colored clothes meaning he would rarely change. Austen showed determination and courage in narrating the two sides of her lover, as she was open to the sister's feedback about it. In typical situations, people do not tell the negative sides of their lovers, with the fear of the relatives' reaction. Considering that Austen spilled the beans with the first letter, courage is evident (Kramp 2017). In the next letter, courage was also noted, as Austen told the sister about a party that was to take place in Lefroy'sLefroy's uncle's house. Austen promised to refuse Lefroy's request unless he would promise to give out the coat. The statement shows that the character was courageous enough to tell the boyfriend that she disliked the white jacket. Besides, she was determined to break up or bring conflicts with Lefroy if the coat was not given.

Austen was persevering, evident in the scene where they were attending a union in Gretna Green, located in Scotland. Before arriving at the border, Jane remembered that Lefroy's family relied on him for money, considering that he practiced law. The thought made her decline the offer to attend the wedding even though it would be fun, as it could alter the relationship between Lefroy and the family. As a result, she traveled back home to stay with her family and decided to stick to the pen, as she was a writer. The action means that Austen was persevering and understanding that the boyfriend was the breadwinner, and she would not want to interfere. She foregone the pleasant moment for the family, indicating understanding as well as courage and determination to save the family's unity.

In conclusion, Gardener and Austen teach the audience on courage, perseverance, and determination. The characters face challenges in life, but their goals are achieved because they see chances other than problems. The movies are essential in encouraging the audience on the need to remain focused and have a life purpose, as they help one attain their dreams regardless of life issues.

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