The Positive Effects of Playing Team Sports as a Child

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Date:  2022-04-07

In current day and age, technology is at the tip of our fingers. Children are growing very fast as digital natives, receiving fewer exercise chances as they sit longer. Digital technology has captured the attention of children, leading to less focus on fitness. Therefore, there is a need to emphasis on the importance of exercises and sports. However, children should not just engage in any type of sports. Team sports, in particular, provide children with additional social benefits such as teamwork, problem-solving skills, self-esteem, and discipline. Team sports not only help children to be physically fit, it also nurtures emotional and mental fitness.

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Playing team sports enables children to nurture the social skills that would benefit them later in life. Team sports help a child to build the spirit of cooperation and team effort. In team sports such as basketball, soccer or volleyball, there is no individualism or "I" in a team. Children have to cooperate together to achieve a common goal. Therefore, team effort teaches a child that while they cannot control a game's outcome, they can do their best to support their teammates. Most importantly, children develop the quality of sportsmanship by maintaining discipline. The discipline could be physical, mental or emotional. Without self-restraint, it would be impossible to build team attitude (Sperekas 33). Discipline helps a child to meet all the rules and regulations of the sport. Breaking the rules breaks cooperativeness and affects the team's outcome. Teamwork and discipline go hand in hand. In employment, managers encourage teamwork to achieve desired goals and objectives of a company. As a result, team sports build the teamwork skills of a person at an early age.

Engaging in team sports teaches children on the importance of problem-solving skills. In a team, a child learns how to come up with strategies that help in beating the opponent while solving team conflicts. Solving problems requires mental and emotional alertness as well as critical thinking. Therefore, children benefit by gaining the communication skills necessary to explain a concept to the rest of the team. Since a team is made of diverse children from different backgrounds, a child learns how to effectively communicate with them in the pursuit of solving team challenges. On the other hand, an effective problem-solver should learn how to compromise at times while engaging in teamwork (Muller 24). Children learn to make substitutions as a tactic to improve team performance as a measure to overcome the opposing team.

Team sports also help a child to develop self-esteem and confidence. In a team, children manage to showcase their skills for the greater good of the team. Under the guidance of a coach, children learn how to improve their skills and to support each other in nurturing talent. Coaches act as positive mentors that provide a beneficial impact on a child's life. Furthermore, team sports give a child the opportunity to express their thoughts and not only develop individually, but also a team (Mahaseth).

In conclusion, team sports help children to develop beneficial social skills important in life. Apart from benefitting from physical fitness, team sports prepare children for adult life and the challenges that come with it. Teamwork, discipline, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills are essential skills necessary in life. They promote mental and emotional socialization vital for communication and interaction with the society.

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