The Period of Islamic Spain and Renaissance Essay Example

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During the middle ages, the Muslims conquered some parts in Europe such as Spain and Portugal through invasion. They brought up so many influences in these regions contributing so much in the civilization in Europe especially in Spain and Portugal. The Muslim invasion led into so much falling of empires like Granada after which they granted Spain as part of the larger Islam Empire. The Muslim would thereafter leave a significant impact on the social, political and social dynamics in the European nations. Renaissance, the period in Europe when there was so much development in literature and art came into being just after the period of the Islamic conquest in Europe. In fact, this period of the Islamic invasion into the Christian territories such as Spain is often described as instrumental for renaissance due to the conflicting cultural influences.After invading the Christian territory in Spain during the "golden ages" of Spanish the Muslims ensured that their culture was deeply enrooted into all corners of their invasion. Muslims had a culture considered to be so brilliant in nature. The Muslim culture would easily absorb other cultures when opportunity passes by its way. The brilliance made them outsmart the Christians in the region in various manners of their daily living styles. The mix up between the two cultures led to the vast cultural expansion from both Christianity and the Muslim culture which would easily bear out creativity or the literature and artistic surge that still exists in the modern world. (Cachia, 2017)

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The conquest of Spain by the Islam linked up the Mediterranean with the Indian which later became a world trade route. After the opening up of the Spanish region to the world through trade, it meant that different cultures had to readjust from their interactions. As a matter of fact, so much artistic inventions would also come up during this period of the Islam conquest and trade with other parts of the world. These magnificent influence by the Islamic culture and habits in the Spanish territory have forever left a scar in the European country in different ways. For instance, the language spoken by the Spanish have some major elements of the Islamic languages as well as their dances, songs and culinary. Even more, the influence has seen so much of the improvement from the laid cultural behaviors by the period of Islamic Spanish conquest.

In the recent world of art, so much artistic works have been brought together so as to sample the world's art and literature into one museum. Out of the art materials over one-third are from the Spanish own museum that was established during the Islamic conquest of the Spanish territory. They have contributed so much in the compilation of the world's museum that reflects how vital role the period plays in the literature and art of the modern world. Ideally, during the Muslim invasion of the European nations, they established different structures that would remain even after the Christians had reclaimed the land. The structures would then act as the museums that contained artifacts to tell the stories of the period of invasion. It is through the exhibition of these past artifacts that the creation of most civilization in America occurred. Furthermore, the same exhibition is displayed in Granada Spain to celebrate the Islamic art period in which they conquered Spain. They form the Spanish cultural heritage. (Harvey, 2014)

After the emergence of the two cultural and religious communities, so many things changed politically and the boundaries could be easily traversed during trading by the merchants. The agricultural mechanization and the products of the Islamic culture would form a demand from several parts of the world that made everyone look much in the direction of Europe. The influence could be felt all over Europe that made it easy for the rest of the world to incline themselves towards the artistic behaviors and literature of Islam. (Dodds, 1992)


In conclusion, the period of Islamic Spain emerged so much as an instrumental period as far as the art the renaissance is concerned. The period is very instrumental for renaissance because it plays a major role in the exhibition of the world artifacts that are a major withdrawal from the Spanish museum that was built by the Islam during the conquest of Europe, particularly Spain. Other factors such as trade, agriculture and the political shaping of the Islamic Spain made the world link up in the European nation which would later star artistic and literature development hence civilization across the world. The current Spanish have thereby shown the influence up to date in their ways of living such as through songs, dances and culinary behaviors that shows how much the impact is still felt to the present dates. The presentation of the Islamic culture in New York and Granada Spain to mark the world's cultural exhibition is also a greater influence that continues to evolve the world of literature and art.


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