The Ornamental Corporation Website Optimization Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

The Ornamental Corporation is a company based in Florida. It designs ornamental gates and distributes them to customers. The company has a website that enables it to showcase its products to customers from different markets. With their quality products designed to attract numerous customers, the organization is widely known as the best designer of gates and fences materials. Although the organization is popular for the quality products, it has a website that stuck in the past ( However, although the appearance of the website may be disgusting for the most website visitors, the organization prefers the format as it enables them to bombard the users with information on a single homepage. The page consists of very small and low-quality images that are scattered all over the page. In addition, there is nothing to separate or break up a large number of texts. The display of the information and images is repulsive to most website visitors. In addition to the low texts, small and blurry images of the products being displayed on the webpage, loading the page from different browsers is a problem. It takes a long time for the users to access the webpage, a situation that may inconvenient the users.

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The Ornamental Corporation website requires a lot of improvement in order to make it appealing to the webs visitors. Although the company may find it easy to display numerous items on one single webpage, there is the need to create an appealing webpage to the customers who may want to visit the website to obtain information. The solution to the above website, therefore, should involve creating links that may lead the site visitors to the relevant information that they want to access. In most cases, the best webpage needs to have a simple appearance with less display to enable users to find easy time in navigating through the information presented. The links should include the section for the general information about the company, Images that should include the type goods that they offer, in this case, the images of iron gates, the contact link, the organizational workers, the management as well as other links for other important information that may prove useful for the site visitors. Instead of writing a lot of text in one single page, the above website can be adjusted to have a video that can illustrate some of the important information about the products that the company offers. Creating a link and uploading the video will reduce the number of texts displayed on one single page, s situation that will ensure clarity and easy usability of the website among the site visitors.

When compared to other websites of the companies that display their products on the websites, the Ornamental Corporation's website has a lower quality. For instance, the ArchExpo website ( is well organized and it has links that lead the site visitors to information about the company. The texts found in the website are medium sized and the site visitor can easily navigate through them to find the information that they want. The ArchExpo website is also equipped with several displays that keep on appearing and disappearing within the homepage, this gives the site visitor an easy time to acquaint themselves with the information that they want. The Ornamental Corporation's website is static and the information displayed is jumbled up making it hard for the site visitors to navigate through a webpage to find the information that they want.

In the Ornamental Corporation's website, the slow loading of information when the link is accessed may result from the improper configuration of data access layer or backend. When hosting some websites, some pages often become heavy making them hard to access on the online platform. From the Ornamental Corporation's website, the squeezing of information in a single webpage may make the site too heavy to load from different browsers unlike the ArchExpo website's that seems to seems to have its backend configured properly by the web hosting experts or companies.

The reason for the slow throughput in the system is due to the poorly designed network infrastructure (Chiang et al., 2007). To ensure the faster flow of information within a computer network, the configuration process needs to be updated in accordance with the type of information that is expected to be transmitted through the system. When designing a website for showcasing the products of a given company as the ones shown above, the site needs to be properly designed to ensure that more users can access it. To ensure faster throughput in a computer network, the hosting of the website needs to be done after careful configurations (Wang & Ng, 2010). The web servers and networking capabilities of a system or network need to be considered before hosting a website. In most cases, engineers often consider the information on a website before hosting them. Creating links to guide the website visitors usually make the hosting easy as links can be configured independently for faster transmission of information and development of easy access points. The Ornamental Corporation can, therefore, improve their website to ensure easy access and proper configuration during web hosting.


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Wang, G., & Ng, T. E. (2010, March). The impact of virtualization on network performance of amazon ec2 data center. In Infocom, 2010 proceedings ieee (pp. 1-9). IEEE.

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