The Natural (1994) Movie Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-10-20

Roy is an ambitious man and his ambition for baseball makes him want to be great. Besides his ambition for baseball, Roy has a great appetite for money even though he does not have cash. This has made him become the star to his team something many people dream of. Roy has always been poor and is very tired of this situation but coming out of it has become difficult to achieve. Despite his failures of improving his situation, Roy is determined to win Memo whom he loves so much. Hobbs tries to convince the Memo that he is planning to invest hence get rich what seems not to make Memo change her mind. Leaders are usually ambitious and eager to achieve the set goals (Borland, Burton & Kane, 2014). The unambitious leader is likely to fail in all that he does. Most leaders if not all get to power because of their desire for money. Ambition creates the inner fuel of people hence drives them to achieve their dreams. Ambitious leaders will always ensure that their leadership put the company's interest at first accomplish the set goals (Borland, Burton & Kane, 2014). Like in Roy's case, his ambition for baseball as well as the love he had for money made him work extra hard for his team what made them emerge the best in the pennant. Ambitious people do not wish to do something but rather do it.

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The naive clueless guy in the train becomes something else when it comes to playing baseball. That young kid who did not even know how to order breakfast take control once he has a bat in his hand. Roy strikes out the American league MVP, those who always call him a rube or haystack and the backwoods boy suddenly becomes a wonder boy. All his insecurities go away, and his confident and brash in the game is all written in his face. In his conversation with Harriet, he says that "You have to have the right stuff to play good ball and I have it. I bet someday I'll break every record in the book for throwing and hitting." Roy believes in himself and is sure to succeed and even break the record just with baseball. Confidence is the primary basis of leadership growth. It usually the driving force that enables leaders to make sound and accurate decisions. Leaders are always confident in what they do best and still believe that they will succeed in their leadership. It does not matter how long it takes to become successful. Like in Roy's case, he has banged around the bush league for years but the faith he had in his abilities despite his age. Confidence enables one to act without any fear, and it makes leaders make a spontaneous decision without any doubt of the results (Borland, Burton & Kane, 2014).

Roy is determined and ready to do what it takes to get what he wants. Memo has rejected him many times, but he has not given up on her. It is also clear that it has taken him fifteen years to in his current position Roy is determined to leave a legacy behind. Even though he has the shadow of his dark past hanging over him, he is relentless and is eager to make it through baseball. His determination in life makes him portray the qualities of a good leader who can lead his team to the top. Relentless leaders are always able to endure all the criticism, and they will never allow anything to get on their way (Borland, Burton & Kane, 2014). They will never give up or give in once they set their mind to achieve something in life. Roy receives ridicules and critics from people who never believed in him, but that did not discourage him from forging ahead. After refusing to receive bribe multiple times from Judge and even fowler the starting pitcher of the team being bribed, Roy did not give in to the Judge's demands. He went to the field with the aim of winning the game what he eventually achieved. His determination ensured the success of his team in the pennant.


Roy Hobbs is an ambitious, confident and relentless baseball player who does what it takes for his team to emerge the winner. Roy experiences very many challenges on his search for the talent, and he is even shot in the process. His weakness for the love for money and women are taken advantage of, and someone like Jude decides to send Memo as a way of distraction to Hobbs, but that did not make him lose focus of putting the success of his team first. Even after being poisoned at the party, he still decided to play at final game hence his team emerges the winner. He ensures that he leads the team to the top just like any other leader would like to become successful at the end of it all.


Borland, B., Burton, L. J., & Kane, G. M. (2014). Sports leadership in the 21st century. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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