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Being successful in life is an aspiration most people cherish. For one to succeed in accomplishing their goals, it is critical that they have the right motivation that sustains them in working towards those goals and studies evidence suggests that success has a strong relationship with success (Kusurkar, Ten Cate, Vos, Westers, & Croiset, 2012). Although scholars have found it difficult to agree on what really constitutes motivation, there is at least a consensus that it is the inner drive that keeps pushing a person to continuously work purposely for a given goal or objective in life as well as the ability to maintain this drive until the identified goals/objectives is realized. However, different people are motivated differently. For instance, motivation among successful is unique in the sense that this category of people sees life in a way that sharply differs with those considered unsuccessful. For successful people, motivated is exhibited in the ability to rise from failure, taking personal responsibility to their lives, curiosity and having a belief in private undertakings.

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Highly successful people have certain qualities that others do not have. They are unique in a way that they do things differently (Frey, 2002). Successful people are not motivated by money, wealth and leisure, but they are driven by what makes them achieve their goals. These people do certain things that help them receive motivation from their actions.

Successful people are motivated by the goals they set. These people set specific goals which they struggle to achieve (Osterloh & Frost, 2002). Such goals make them view life positively as compared to others. For example, successful people may have the ultimate goal to become rich. Such purposes make successful people have more focus on what they are doing and also inform them on specific step they should take to succeed. Clear goals ensure that successful people can figure out the best course of action to next.

Furthermore, goals ensure that they maintain the right perspective. This makes successful people walk only in the fine line between pessimism and optimism. Through these successful people can see themselves clearly and also have a sustainable future growth as compared to other people. Al these attributes increase the motivation of successful people because they perceive themselves as capable.

Successful people also create a plan of action that helps them achieve their goals. They develop enthusiasm when they have the best course of action that can help them achieve their goals. It is unnecessary for successful people to have goals without defining how to make them. They are different from others because they understand what one requires to accomplish the goals (Frey, 2002). They, therefore, have to create a plan of action that they use as a roadmap to help them reach where they want to be. For example, if a successful person has a goal of starting a new business, action plans to document a summary of business idea, conduct market research, find an appropriate source of finance, identify the good business location and start the business. The course of actions, therefore, gives a successful person likelihood of achieving their desired goals thus provide them with morale on what they are doing.

Successful people take actions that other people are not able to do. They are only concerned with the effects that can provide the highest value in their lives and other business activities (Osterloh & Frost, 2002). This makes them different from others because they are disciplined about taking massive and constructive actions that can change their lives positively. They rarely dwell on irresponsible behaviours that can waste their time and resources. In most cases, they have the assumption that there is no easy way to have but have the hunger to succeed. These assumptions propel them to work harder and seek more avenues that can make them succeed in life. As a result, they do things that others are not capable of doing to make them live the life that others cannot.

Successful people are also unlike other ordinary people; they always pursue their dreams so that they avoid distraction temptations. This allows them to focus on issues that mean the most to them than any other subjects that come along their way. They understand the need to get a passion that inspires them to achieve greatness. Usually, they follow their passion, ensure they do not allow anyone to snatch it from them by eliminating any obstacle and distractions that can impend them from meeting their goals (Osterloh & Frost, 2002). Their focus is always on the prize of their dreams because it is much easier to fall into temptation when they are not focused on their goal.

It is also important to schedule every activity. Successful people have realised this idea and minimised its use (Marshall, 2009). This makes them feel that they do not have enough time to execute all their activities. Such conditions make successful people different from others. Scheduling is the best way of ensuring that everything is done at the right time. These people are different because they do not depend on lists but depend on the calendar by helping them to structure their day in a manner that enables them to accomplish everything.

Successful people always walk with the right people. They always prefer staying close to positive people who can inspire them and get what to copy that can change their lives. Successful people are unlike others who get along with everybody; they uniquely select their friends with goals and plans (Kusurkar, Ten Cate, Vos, Westers & Croiset, 2012). They do like being close to people with dreams and have high inspirations to achieve specific goals. It is inappropriate to get along with negative people, who are likely to make you dwell in unethical activities that consume time.

Successful people always clarify their purpose in life. They always remind themselves three questions on a daily basis. Such items include what do I want in life, why do I want it and what I am willing to change to achieve my life expectancy? Successful people understand what they want in life by clarifying specific thing that they would like to do, and this makes them have a passion that fuels the achievement of their desire.

They also meditate upon their lives. This also makes them different from other people. In most cases, they take some time to ponder with the aim of eliminating or reducing their stress, enhance their performance and formulate strategies that they can use to solve their challenges. Meditation involves taking some time alone focusing on nothing but your life (Mackay, 2007). It allows you to think about yourself, mistakes and device an appropriate course of action that can overcome your challenges.

Future visualization is also one aspect that differentiates successful people from the rest. They always remember their goals every time they are lone and meditate upon how they can be achieved. These people still think of what they have planned to accomplish and ensure they obtain their bigger picture before meeting them. By keeping goals in mind through visualisation motivates successful people because they imagine of the benefit they are likely to receive after the accomplishment of their goals.

Successful people also fear failure. They always have the assumption that every business they have is at risk and therefore they prepare for the unforeseen risk. In most cases, successful people want to stay ahead of others, and they always anticipate failure and account their success when they have received it. Success motivates them and makes them gain or fulfil their self-actualization needs. When they fail, they regret a lot and make several attempts to find out the Couse of their failure to ensure that it does not occur again. After the defeat, there are several questions that successful people ask themselves. They always try to know who contributed to the collapse, how can it be overcome and how to avoid it. Such questions make them keener and take necessary steps to prevent it. Also, they always look for inspiration from other people. Inspiration act as a driving force that makes them accomplish certain things. Inspired people have energy and desire to achieve what they want (Frost & Osterloh, 2002). It is also difficult to change their mind of what they have chosen to do. This makes them different from other people.


Successful people are different from ordinary people. These people are motivated by different things that others perceive useless. Money, wealth and other benefits motivate ordinary people while successful people are driven by their goals, inspiration from other people, fear of failure, meditation and other things that can make them more successful.


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