The Magazine Cover for Teen Vogue Essay

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Date:  2022-08-15

First impression created for any item offered for sale determines whether the potential buyer will go ahead and purchase it or not. Magazine writers and designers are aware of this and that makes them focus on making the cover page appealing to attract many people to buy it. The cover image of Teen Vogue shows a woman who is skinny, blond, tan and wearing a lot of makeup. The lifestyle has been admired by many young people especially the young women. The media here shows women or young people to perfect and also flawless. The magazine cover attracts women and younger teens to read the magazine and feel like behaving as those featured.

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Different size of letters enables the reader to note the various topics that would be addressed in the magazine. For instance, the writer uses small letters to state the topic of "gifts & party tips." However, he or she uses capital letters to write, "PLAN PERFECT VALENTINE'S DAY." The two topics are close to one another, and therefore, the writer used the styles based on the size of letters to make the two distinguished. Also, the author chooses to use different colors so that he or she can make the readers notice the various topics which will be discussed in the magazine.

The designers and editorial layout team consider the words he or she chooses for the cover page since they will determine whether the person who saw the cover page will be interested in knowing what has been discussed in the magazine. The words that are chosen for the cover are organized in a way that suspense will be created. Most of the statement written on the cover page cannot be concluded without reading the magazine. For instance, the magazine cover has the words, "fad diets, could they make you add weight?" The words create suspense in the mind of the reader and thus he or she may wish to read the magazine so that he or she can have a good understanding of the foods that could lead to weight increase. Additionally, the statement, "The backpack is back" on the cover page may attract the attention of the readers and decide to purchase the magazine so that he or she can realize which backpack is back.

Based on all the words used in the cover page, the magazine seems to be based on the fitness and fame of the young people especially the women. Beauty is a topic that is rarely omitted in magazines that target the young people especially the ladies. The designers and editorials team is aware that the young women always work day and night to ensure that they have good skins, bodies, and dressing. In the magazine, the designer has focused on beauty by the using a beautiful woman as the sole image. The lady on the cover page shows that a beautiful lady is physically fit with a slim body. Also, the designers incorporated words that describe beauty such as the presence of the topic, "first-ever beauty award" which could have attracted many potential buyers who may be interested in beauty competitions.

The title of the magazine could have facilitated the use of the magazine. It seems to address those that are in their teenage years or even slightly past the age. The designer chose the young lady since she is a representation of the teenagers ("How to Analyze a Magazine Front Cover"). It would be inappropriate for the designer to use an image such as of a man and a wife yet these are not the main ideas that are to be discussed. Thus, it is significant to use an image that is similar to the age of the targeted group since it may attract many readers to purchase the magazine. Additionally, the image represents the dressing and size of the tennis players and the topic is also addressed. One of the cover topics records, "tennis ace Maria Sharapova on fame and fitness." Therefore, the image chosen was a close representation of the fitness of tennis players. The designer must have looked at all the features that could have attracted the teenagers and other young people when selecting this image.

The image used for the cover of the Teen Vogue magazine is clear and cannot be confused with any other that may have a different message. For instance, it is clear that the image used in the picture is that of a young lady and cannot be confused to be an old one. The dressing code itself shows that she is a young woman who focuses on body fitness. Also, the image is depicted using bright colors which can be easily noticed when the magazine is on the shelves. Additionally, the bright background also enhances the ability of the designer to use other dull colors for the words and end up being displayed clearly ("How to Analyse a Magazine Front Cover"). Furthermore, the circular yellow image makes the presence of the beauty awards noticeable. The image acts as a bright background for the announcement and thus it may be very hard for the reader to miss it. However, the use of purple color on the topic "fashion GETS PHYSICAL" made the words look dull and one has to strain to read them since they were positioned where the hand of the main image passed.

The cover of the magazine shows a single image of a woman. The designer of the magazine seems to have aimed at making the readers to only observe the lady and thus have interest I knowing why she had been position in that crucial part. Additionally, other images were avoided to ensure that nothing acted as a distractor in the process of making the reader know what had made the lady people and have body fitness. If the cover page has several images, various readers could have focused on images that are in line with some interests. Thus, it is clear that the single image makes the reader have no other option but to stick to the image present. Therefore, it is through this idea that the designer opts to use a blank background for the sole image of the lady.

The choice of the images used for the cover demonstrates that the designer of the cover of the magazine has adequate knowledge and skills that can increase the number of people reading the magazine ("How to Analyse a Magazine Front Cover"). He or she is also aware of the need for a good first impression which may determine one may have the interest to continue reading the magazine after the first glance on the cover. Furthermore, the designer is aware that bright colors attract more attention to the reader. Use of the bright images and backgrounds makes a magazine to be easy notices from the shelves where the magazines are displayed for sale.

The choice of using a young lady on the cover means that the magazine was majorly for the youths. The dressing of the lady could not have been targeting the parents. Also, the topics that have been printed on the cover page shows that the magazine was for the youths.

Furthermore, he or she knew that most of the young ladies are focused on looking beautiful and thus he uses the yellow image to make them notice the presence of the beauty awards. Moreover, the choice of a lady with a short dress demonstrated the dressing of the young women who play tennis. Thus, it is clear that the designer was close to the young people and understand what they wanted.

The cover of the magazine clearly demonstrates that it is for the teens. The words "Teen Vogue" are meant to attract the young people who are in their teenage years. Also, the image that has been used shows a mode dressing that is favorable for the teenagers. It is hard to find an old person in the 30s and above wearing this type of dressing. Additionally, the concept of beauty competitions are majorly for the young people and thus the topic of the beauty awards has been incorporated in the cover page. Furthermore, it is can be observed that the magazine attracted young ladies more than the young men. The topics highlighted on the cover page are more of the female interests that the males ones. The image used is also a feminine one. Therefore, it is evident that the main target for the magazine is the young ladies.


The title of the magazine Teen Vogue means that the discussion in the magazine may majorly discuss issues that are related to the youths. The words used in the title may attract many young people to purchase the magazine since the title attracts them and makes them feel that it belong to them even before reading the topics on the cover page or discussions inside the paper. Also, it has been written using a large font that can be read easily. Furthermore, the bright colors used for the title makes the potential readers notice the magazine. However, the title of the magazine displayed on the cover may keep away some potential buyers. People who are not teenager may ignore the magazine since they may feel it does belong to their age group. Any person who is passed the teen years may not develop an interest in the magazine. Thus, the title may keep away some of the people who could increase the sales. Some of the information in the magazine could be important to people of any age but the bright words at the top of the cover may make them avoid it. For instance, the topic on the diets that can make an individual to increase his or her weight could be appropriate to anyone but rarely can an elderly person realize this since the title keeps him or her away from the first glance.

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