The Internal Business Processing Model

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BPMN will provide CC Music with the ability to understand its inner operations using a graphical notation. BPMN will give the company a chance to communicate operation procedures in a standardized manner. The graphical notation will additionally facilitate performance understanding, collaboration, and transactions. This will allow CC to understand itself between and adjust to new circumstances.

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Internal BPMN Model

The BPMN internal model provided below shows operations and management of music and dance sessions within CC music. The meetings are morning sessions and evening sessions. The performance management will decide whether to include dance or singing in either of evening or morning sessions. This decision-making process has been illustrated graphically by the flow chart below.

External BPMN Model

An external model shows operations management of the organization with stakeholders and participants outside the organization. In the graphical model sown below, the administration involved in the recruitment of employees is well illustrated. In this case, CC Music Company will apply the model given to make strategic decisions when hiring staff and artists. Various choices will be chosen depending on the outcome of different stages of the process. The flow charts multiple decisions to take at different stages of recruitment. When an interested person sends an application, the request may be accepted or rejected depending on the need of CC Music. The diamond shape in blue shows an event while the solid brown circles indicate the decision to make at a particular point.

Analysis of CC Music industry

The success of the music industry depends on useful planning and interpretation of market dynamics, competition, supplier's relationship as well as buyer's relations. Thus, proper implementation of the music company requires taking a business perspective and approach when making key decisions. While there exists a plethora of models and strategies to analyze business environment before investing, SWOT analysis and Porters five forces are the most common and useful. These models describe both internal and external characteristics that may affect the achievement of the company's long-term and short-term

SWOT Analysis

Starting and efficiently running CC music venture will a strategic business approach. The first step is to define the desired objective of the music business using a SWOT analysis. The desired target will involve achieving marketing needs objectives after a year of business operation. Using this model to guide CC music to guide and interpret key issues in the process of planning. A SWOT analysis was done to evaluate potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with CC music. This analysis involved specifying the s and objective of the business and identifying both internal and external variables that play a crucial role in achieving the set objectives. The initial business plan for any music start up is to grow the venture into the full-time music business. This objective will be achieved through responsible social media marketing, quality book keeping practices, updating of calendar events on a regular basis as well as monitoring information flow.


  • A strong portfolio of renowned artist's ad producers
  • A well designed and dynamic CC Music website
  • Sufficient resources of music distribution like internet, radio, recording shops.
  • Strategic business location at the center of a culturally diverse and vibrant community.


Plagiarism and global piracy, which is an international issue affecting profits and record companies.


Emerging markets across the world partly due to the liberalisation of business operations and internationalisation of standards and practices.


  • Increased privacy of music, especially via internet, will lead CC Music to reduced incomes. Current trends and demands in the market require custom and fashioned music.
  • A poor selection of an album has the potential to damage the company's image as well as scare away key stakeholders and investors.
  • Digital music has led to a continued loss of demand for physical sales. The young generation is showing an increased emphasis to download songs for free instead of going to a music shop.

Porter's Five Forces

Porters five forces are business modeling solution named after Michael E. Porter. The model is based on identification and analysis of five forces of competition that impact everyday business operations and objectives. Like SWOT analysis, it describes both strengths and weakness. However, this model goes a step further to identify structures in the industry to define the best strategy for success. The five forces in Porter's model are competitors, competition threat, bargaining power of suppliers, buyer's power, and a threat of substitutes. The most critical forces in Porter's model are the rivalry between music producers within CC market and sellers in the industry. The current music environment of CC is made of for critical segments:

  • Recording studios. There are major and well-established music companies in CC music market that have achieved a broad audience and grabbed major artists with contracts with different types of music. CC Music will, therefore, have to put up a big show and maintain strategic options to establish a name and remain competitive.
  • Independent labels.There are also independent labels, which are companies with fewer artists under contract who record one or two styles of music.
  • Micro labels.Micro labels are companies with about ten artists and mainly focus on a particular music style.
  • Vanity labels.Vanity labels are music companies that pay attention to independent artists. They are the last segment of the music industry that attempts to become influential.


The competition threat posed to CC music depends on archrivals popularity of artists and their songs. If the artist is famous, the pricing is not significant. Therefore, CC must recruit talented artists and producers to polish the brand name.

The Threat of New Entry

CC music us be prepared to deal with entrants to the industry once the business starts running as expected. However, the risk of new entrant is a non-significant issue since it is usually hard to achieve the levels I an existing music company.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

In the music industry, the power of CC music suppliers will be determined by the popularity of artists contracted. Once the company acquires famous artists, it will be difficult to compete. The power of suppliers depends on the popularity of artists. Sony specializes in already famous artists, therefore is difficult to fight, except the other three big organizations.

Bargaining Power of Buyers

One of the core issues challenging music industry is the loss of physical sales. Buyers have tuned to online options where music is mostly downloaded for free.

Threat of substitutesInstead of buying CDs, people now prefer internet substitutes.

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