The Inspiration of Mona Lisa and the Boy Riding Turtle and How They Affect Their Interpretation

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Date:  2022-06-23


An ingenious portrayal of virtuosity, thoughtful literary creativity to redefine the human interpretation of arts, painstaking patience to churn out uniqueness is part of a detailed description of Leonardo Da Vinci's world most famous painting of Mona Lisa. In the painted image of Mona Lisa is a definite character with a story that is of relevance to our humanity.

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From her appearance, Mona Lisa looks jolly, a woman with a heart untroubled, but if there is, not much thought is given to it for the joy of life must be appreciated as other undesirable things are shelved. Her dressing is a depiction of a virtuous woman, submissive and composed. Mona Lisa is holding her hands together sitting upright, an attentive woman who is aware of active and dutiful. She is generally a noblewoman. Everything in her is suggestive of a woman is assertive and gets things done by command. Her arms in their protective position clasped and rested on the armrest to the left is a woman who issues orders to get things done, but with a soft voice.

What is the possible historical background of Mona Lisa? Her cloak looks expensive; this is a sign of being well-born. Her hair is not covered, and this could mean she is either agnostic or nominal in her religious participation. She is part of a higher echelon member of the society where there are people who get things done. Otherwise, her image would have been captured while she is undergoing tedious duties or taking care of the children.

Mona Lisa is the image of the women liberation, women not depicted as socially oppressed, but living with their dignity intact, not viewed as sexualized but as people with meaningful lives. She is not swayed by her influence to appear anti-social or unsociable, she appears warm and compassionate as a sign of being humane, a lesson to current leaders.

The essence of humanity is not exclusively explained in the art of renaissance alone; the contemporary art to depicts humanity in its perspective. Comparing the "the little boy riding the turtle" by David Zaya and Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, both images are closely related in some aspects of humanity, irrespective of their times of creation. Both paintings depict humans in their isolated environments in which one is aware of the surrounding and everything in it while the other is going about their idea of recreation oblivious to their situation. The uniting factor is; both are happy and goes about their business without interfering with anyone.

Assuming they were living in the same era and they meet, they would have much to talk much to talk about. Mona Lisa would be happy to see the little boy enjoying his adventurous venture, and indeed, Mona Lisa would encourage her to go about it-albeit safely. The little boy too, by the natural behavior of being inquisitive would want to understand who Mona Lisa is, and perhaps ask her why she does not have eyebrows like other adults. He would have endless questions to ask.


Just as Chris Abani reiterates from the philosophy of Ubuntu, humanity is not practiced in isolation. It is a collective responsibility: it is earned when you are willing to give. Humans are emotional beings, and every extension of compassion, gentleness, and warmth is an act of humanity.

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