Speech Given by a Presidential Candidate

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Date:  2021-03-04

My fellow citizens,

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It is a time when people go and vote for the candidate they believe in the most. A time when freedom of thought is at its strongest, strengthening the newly formed democratic constitution of this great nation. So why am I here? What am I planning to do? And how am I going to do it?

We as a nation have been challenged for too long. The recent change from dictatorship to democracy through a substantial civil war had left this country too weak, and its image to the eyes of the world was impaired. I am here to change that. I am here to lead this generation to a brighter future and I am here to make this country as great as it could be. However, I cannot do this alone. I need every single man, woman, and child to help me by playing his or her role as a patriotic citizen.

We are all aware of the economic crisis we face and it is only deteriorating. The halt of production and exports hit us hard and the value of our currency is decreasing due to massive inflation. Debt and unemployment flood this country's economy. The tragic unemployment rate had risen to 29.6% from 17.3% four years ago and more and more people are leaving their home country to find jobs elsewhere. Our sickening poverty rates have increased by 3%, and now, over 30% of our citizens survive with less than $2 a day whereas their daily costs are reaching $1.2 for them to satisfy their basic needs of food water and for the lucky, one's shelter.

These numbers are worrying, it just shows how the previous government was unable to keep this country's situation stable, only to play with it even more, and milk the system for their own interests. Moreover, during their time, the country's debt rose to $300 billion and has been on a steep incline that is not due to declining any times soon. I see the disappointed faces of people questioning, When will this situation get any better?

I am telling you now; this situation will only get better if you elect me as your leader. So how do you expect me to fix all this? We will start by eradicating unemployment by reviving the production sector; this will not only reduce imports but also reduce debt by 20%. This will then translate in the introduction of a new law set for minimum wages. The proposed law will increase it to $10 a day, which is nearly quintuple the initial amount. Besides, large international companies will pay the increased tax rather than the poor; I am aware that this might hurt our nations international trading. However, it will benefit us more than it will take. It will make us stronger as we share a common interest.

I now must address a situation growing so fast it is affecting our youth. It is affecting them badly if I must add. Education budgets have been cut to $1 billion by the previous government. This is nearly one-third of what it was before and our youth is losing their education standards. This is unacceptable as they are the future of this country, thus for them to succeed in education, and we must succeed in educating. Furthermore, free education only stops at secondary school and so does the education of 60% of our youth. Who then needs to start looking for jobs?

I need you to put faith in my methods, to change these numbers and make them history rather than a mystery. I will begin by increasing our education budget by ten times, making it $10 billion that will be transferred from the military budget. We plan to build a School every fifteen kilometers and universities every thirty kilometers. Moreover, we will continuously improve the current curriculum to keep it up to date with international standards.

None of this is complete without the health and security of our citizens. With most hospitals being in the private sector and the average wage being $15 a day, the lack of free health care leaves poor families with bills to pay abandoned. Hence, I am introducing free health care to all citizens. To strengthen the idea, we will build hospitals that could rival the private ones. Not only does this keep our people safe, but also it will open many professional job opportunities.

With the recent civil unrest, our security has decreased dramatically. Corruption and crime rates have reached an all-time high by an increase of around 40% especially in mass violence and murder. I propose a guaranteed plan for safety and the capturing of criminals, with our newly formed police policies. All police members will be retrained in our new academies. In addition, we shall increase the capacity for new policemen in these academies. Our new police force will have a 55% increase in members and checkpoints will be scattered more often as well as a tripling in patrols. This way, no citizen will fear to walk the streets.

It is said, Just before a sunrise there is a dark night. I can tell you that we are heading for that sunrise. The fear of the dark night will vanish and trust plays a great role, so I need you to trust me. I need you to believe that I am the one who will lead this country to success as we unite and prevail from this dark night.

My God bless our people and my God bless this great nation soon to be reborn.


I chose to create a speech given by a presidential candidate after a civil war and corrupt government. I picked this style of writing as it included all the different techniques in mass communication. The aim of the piece shows how political speech must state a problem and a solution that only you can achieve. Furthermore, it shows how political speech must support and give hope to the audience through emotive language. In addition, it shows what makes a campaigning speech effective and convincing.

In order to illustrate my understanding of mass communication through speech, I have used a range of devices. The use of repetition and rule of three help emphasise my point and make sure parts memorable such as the repetition of trust and rule of three for a rhetoric question at the start makes the audience think I trustworthy. The use of rhetoric questions allowed the audience to think, as I subconsciously answer these questions by simplification, as the more simple it is, the easier it is for the audience to understand. Furthermore, the use of generalities such as democracy appeals to the audience as well as scapegoating e.g. blaming the previous government.

To back up my argument I have used a range of statics in percentages and multipliers to give figures to the audience to make it more believable, with this, I had used the bandwagon we and unite to get the full support with a logical explanation thus achieving logos. The use of clean ideals helped appeal to ethos and finally emotive language such as milk, murder and corruption helped appeal to pathos. One of the problems I encountered was the flow of the speech and creating a seamless transition. However, I worked on structuring similar topics together.

Not part of anything, not useful.

People generally do not like to be left behind. It alienates them from everyone else; hence they end up jumping on the bandwagon.

Stated facts help the audience make decisions, as they feel that they are reliable and a direct claim a can be very persuasive.

Repetition is one of the most effective ways in hard coding an idea in someone's mind. Repetition always helps reinforce the central point and is always convincing towards the audience.

Like the repetition, the rule of three has a significant toll on the reader since saying something, at least, three times carries weight on the audience because it shows signs of a powerful speaker. It also allows you to show an idea more completely hence increasing its memorability to the audience.

Charisma brings a speech a long way away. Appearing bold, energetic, and confidence completely changes the tone of the speech making you seem powerful. Most people follow a leader with a lot of charisma

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