The Impact of Starbucks Corporation on the Society - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-05-16


Starbucks is one of the largest chain stores in the world, and it was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, USA. Starbucks, a leading coffee retailer, and brand owner have nearly 21,000 stores worldwide. Its store located in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. In addition to coffee, Starbucks also sells tea, cakes, cakes, and cups. Starbucks logo is more familiar to many people. It has unique culture and heritage; they mission is inspiring and nurturing the human spirit-one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. On the other hands, Starbucks coffee's vision statement shows what the company wants to achieve in the future. Starbucks contributes differently to society from the environment, equal and helps disadvantaged groups, focus on the store experience and make all customers have a good feeling; but, it is in trouble which the court sues Starbucks. Blow the essay; I will discuss how Starbucks take the responsibly on society and what are they doing now.

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First of all, the environment is a problem that we all care about, so I understand from this aspect how Starbucks handles environmental issues to affect the Society. Starbucks has said they have been trying to promote reusable cups for years in this article "Starbucks to develop recyclable, compostable cup solution." In other words, this company is promoting environmental friendly. As they are doing now that is committing 10 Million dollars in partnership with Closed Loop Partners and its Center for the Circular Economy to create fully recyclable and compostable cup. Also, Starbucks Research and Development team initiates a trial of a new bio-liner, made partially from plant-based materials for its paper cup and continue to study recyclable cups. Further, Starbucks call for consistency in nationwide recycling policies. Moreover, Starbucks trialing 5 pence (about 7 cents) charge on paper cups in the UK, this action encourages people to use the recycle cups. However, an article "Starbucks falls short on environmental commitments" by Davis Harper claims that people who buy the coffee from the Starbucks know the cup is not recyclable.

Although the company is proud of the development of environmental awareness and sustainable products, several reports point out that the mega companies have failed to meet their standards. For example, according to the resolution, Starbucks has substantially shortened its ambitious 2008 commitment to make its 25% cup reusable by 2015. What happened? By 2011, the company only increased the proportion of reusable cups to 1.9%, thus reducing its 2015 target to a reusable 5%. Even then, results proved impractical, and Starbucks recently promised to double its current by 2022 reusable cups, which required but jumping from 1.4% to 2.8% for all cups. Also, Davis points out the Ocean Authority has picked up nearly half a million straws on the world's coastline - a fraction of the total global plastic waste. However, Starbucks supplies over 2 billion plastic straws each year. Meanwhile, Starbucks is the biggest of environment problem; it has the responsibility for cleaning the trash, rather than helping other company to solve the problem.

Besides the environment problem, Starbucks claim that they make the wage equality. In the Starbucks website, I found out the article "Starbucks announces 100 percent gender, racial pay equity" it claims that Starbucks employees have 100% gender, racial pay equity. In the past ten years, Starbucks began work on women and men - of all ethnicities and races - are compensated fairly. Also, they work with the support of equal rights champion Billie Jean King and her Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) and leading national women's organizations, the National Partnership for Women & Families (National Partnership) and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) - by sharing the principles and tools the company uses. Further, Starbucks lawyer uses her experience as the example to help people getting an equity salary.

The article "Starbucks has 100% equal" has significant social meaning because it points out that Starbucks has achieved equal wages for different genders and races. This is a good example of the racial discrimination nation taking deep thinking about if considering the racial and gender play an important role in their job. However, I google the Starbucks job placement, and I looked at the different job positions which still have the average base Salaries. Take the intern as an example; the intern hourly can get the range between 8 and 22 dollars. From this salary range, different Starbucks employees will have different salaries, or that different places workers will have different salaries. No matter which kind of result, this will break the theory of Starbucks employees' wage equality. Because Starbucks did not provide evidence to show the same wages for different jobs position to achieve the 100 percent of equal.

On the other hands, Cowley, S posted out Starbucks closed online store to focus on in-person experience. In other words, Starbucks closed the online shop on 2017 October 1st, and let people turned back to the local store to buy products. And, they focus on the experience about customer shopping at the store. The company's chief executive, Kevin Johnson said, "merchants need to create unique and immersive in-store experiences." This policy letting people go outside and consumer goods that can improve the GDP which means compared to people shopping online, store shopping allows customers to consume more products and stimulate economic growth. For instance, a person who wants to go out and buy a Starbucks coffee needs to take a bus going to the destination. After the guy buys the coffee, he passes the shopping mall and spends a few hours shopping in the mall to buy his favorite items. Then he feels hungry and finds a restaurant near the mall for dinner. The last person takes a taxi home. In this case, this person spent at least four times to buy goods, so he contributed to the country's gross domestic product. If everyone wants to shop at stores, the country's economy will grow rapidly. Despite the fact that Starbucks said they focus on in-person experience, the news happens on April 15, 2018, and the Starbuck manager required two black men who used the toilet without purchased any product. And, one of them responded to the manager "they were waiting for friends and refused to leave." After that, the manager called the police arrested the pair and sued them disturbance and trespassed the store. The footage has been widely shared since it was posted on Twitter and has led to accusations of racial profiling. The video of this incident that has received nearly nine million comments so far has triggered criticism and called for a boycott of Starbucks coffee shop. In this case, we cannot understand the manager threat two black men cannot wait for friends and leave immediately in the store. However, this incident reflects the fatal loopholes in Starbucks training employees. For example, they provide services only for people who buy products rather than for each person who arrives at the store. Thus, if the consumer needs a good experience at Starbucks that he or she should buy a cup of coffee or other goods to enjoy the service at Starbucks. After this case happened, Starbuck announced it would close 8000 stores for racial-bias education training May 29. And this is a significant activity to reduce the negative image and rebuild the social responsibility.

As well as, the Starbuck website news title "Sign language aprons open communication in Starbucks stores" claims that they designed the sign language aprons and used this in the store to respected the Vulnerable Groups. From this strategy of Starbucks making aprons to deaf people, we can see that Starbucks has always been concerning and helping socially disadvantaged groups. According to the article shows that the global has 360 million people worldwide have a hearing loss. Also, this company hires the disability people to do the simple work and help them go through the dark period. In the website page, there is one hearing disability woman who calls Katie Giles working at Starbucks as an example, and she did not get the idea from the customer and co-worker at the beginning of working at Starbuck. Then, she felt upset and worry about if she can handle this job. After that, Giles met two people who partner with Starbucks, and they help her how to get the patriotic green aprons with an American flag embroidered on the front. And this apron can distinguish the normal and disability worker that customers will spend more patent on the Vulnerable Groups. At the same times, an opened the first sign language Starbucks store in Malaysia, and costumer can use the sign which labels on the apron to talk with each other.

On the contrary, another article "California Man with Half an Arm Sues Starbucks, Alleging Discrimination" on the ABC Newspaper indicate that a man Eli Pierre who born with half left arm in San Diego applied for the position with his capable work history. In Pierre's interview, the interviewer did not ask about accommodation, nor discussed whether he needed any accommodation, nor discussed how he performed basic job functions, nor discussed his experience, and what position may be like at Starbucks. But, a hiring manager stated, "Oh, at our store our syrups are up high, and I have to extend my whole body to pump it. You can't work here with one arm." During the interview, Pierre's mentioned he had a part-time job at Victoria's Secret in the past, then the interviewer turned to the shift manager and said, "maybe he can help you find the right bra size." The interviewer small talk had strong discrimination against Pierre. To consider the consequences, Starbucks does not show respect for people with disabilities and refuses to hire people with disabilities. In other words, Starbucks only uses people who are not physically disabled, rather than providing a suitable job for handicapped people.

What's more, at the beginning of the 17th century, Dutch citizens proposed that companies should abide by ethical principles and create the world's first shareholder boycott of company stock on social grounds. Although this effort failed, it laid the foundation for corporate social responsibility. In the United States dating back to the 19th century, American business people participated for the first time in local communities to help workers and the public welfare movement. Starbucks is one of the first companies in the United States to provide comprehensive health benefits to both full and part-time employees, including coverage for domestic partners. By reading the "Howard Schultz, Starbucks and a History of Corporate Responsibility" article stated that the chief of the Starbucks claims to achieve the fragile balance between profit, social impact, and a moral obligation" to do everything possible "to enhance the lives of our employees and the communities we serve." Also, He provided the foundation for the employee having a free education. And Starbucks hired people from underserved groups, including veterans and refugees. In the last year, the white house's issue the travel ban announcement, Starbucks responds to U.S. Government Policy promised to support global refugee employment and plans to hire 2,500 refugees to work in European coffee shops. Helping the refugee is part of the chain's commitment to recruiting 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next five years. ACH will provide pre-employment training and one-on-one support for selected candidates, and then offer guaranteed interviews for Barista roles at Starbucks stores in Bristol and Birmingham.

In this article "Starbucks must put a CANCER warming on coffee sold in...

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