The Future of Work: How Leading Companies Retain Talents & Maximize Customer Satisfaction.

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Date:  2023-01-16

The Brand Voice article by writer Alicia Dunn; talks about how the nature of work is changing and that why leading companies have redefined workplaces to retain talents and to get the best from their employees. Customer satisfaction is their highest priority, by giving the best service. With over six million new jobs in the US going unfilled annually, right companies have to change the workplace experience. So as to attracts new talents and fresh minds that will bring a positive impact to their companies. Historically some population has faced out barriers of promotion in their workplace the approach of retention, advancement and talent acquisition is a perfect idea. McDonald's which is a fast food giant is amongst the leading companies that embraced the idea. ("Grads Of Life Brandvoice: How These Leading Companies Are Redefining The Workplace To Retain Talent") Last month on April they announced that their plans are to reduce employment barriers. And create employment opportunities through workplace development programs. They have already started it in Chicago with a 2 Million US dollar investment. Partnering with other workforce organization aiming to recruit, train and retain those talents for their restaurants.

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Innovation in Technology

This Forbes article explains about recent innovations in technology. Anthony Leather, contribution. After 1st generation, Ryzen processor launch AMD has been promising better things in the near future. It comes less of shock but more of what consumers and competitors expected. The third generation Ryzen processor launch. Though they lay second distant from Intel who is the field dominants. Consumers are pleasantly happy about its pricing. With a kit of 16 Gigabytes 3, 600MHZ retailing at less than $125. The same kit before Christmas cost nearly $260. Improvements in memory performance and speed as also solved a lot of previous problems. Higher frequencies of up to 5GHTZ are expected on lightly threaded workloads. ("AMD's 3Rd Gen Ryzen Is The Most Exciting Processor Launch In A Decade") The innovation and advancement to the third generation will not only be a boost to the AMD. But it will bring about better performance and better product to customers. By resolving most of the issues experienced in first and second generation AMD could finally come into the same class with Intel or end up beating them. As long as they remain consistent giving the best at an affordable price without comprising the quality.

Investment in IT pays off

This Forbes article by Jeff Thompson describes the advantages of investing IT. In the year 2018 Panera expanded its business into the digital marketplace. According to Mike Bufano companies Chief Finance Officer, the secret to innovation is good fast to understand that not all ideas will work out. The idea of digital marketing started way back before it paid off. ("Panera Proves Investment In Technology Pays Off") Before venturing into any business is always important to have a firm understanding of it. Everyone wants to be successful but when stepping to new roles patient is key. Take time to listen, ask questions and learn. Desire to friction value should be a guide to a successful business that is putting more desire to consumers about your products and reducing the time and cost they have to incur to have them. It very crucial in any business venture to evolve with consumer's needs. Keep changing according to customer's demand. Example Panera's newest desire is breakfast wraps which have over 1.7M digital orders placed weekly. And 35% of total business sales being digital sales.

Impact of artificial intelligence at work

Bryan Collins contribution in this Forbes article. Zeb Evans founded a click up a company in 2017 that offers project management solutions to business. Zeb was working on another company when he encountered the problem of having different tasks solved by different software's. He exited the company with a plan to solve the problem which indeed he managed. Zeb started Clickup which currently got more than a million users including Uber, Google, and Samsung. Zeb is fully convinced that Clickup will change project management and how project managers approach work. With artificial intelligence, you don't have to waste time looking for a suitable meeting point for your team. With just a one button click you will get everybody you needed to meet optimized for the schedule. ("Here's What You Can Expect From Artificial Intelligence At Work") Goodbye to bad planning Artificial intelligence will take care of all administrative duties and ensure all meetings run effectively. with artificial intelligence, you are likely not to experience problems of estimations in your projects and end up giving false hopes. AI makes employers happy and anything that brings a positive impact to the business is something good that should be embraced. But employees should take caution since it can replace their job's.

DoorDash investment

Biz Carson Forbes staff talks about DoorDash investment. Tony Xu founder of DoorDash food delivery has confirmed after raising $400M with Startups, he has now hit another $600M with Darsana Capital Partners. The investor has vowed not to stop. After funding $2billion raised in San Francisco in 2013, DoorDash post-money valuation has raised from $7B to $12.6B. Which has motivated him to invest more in the business? With the tensions around China and the US, they have affected the market publicly. Shaking some DoorDash main competitors. Tony is not shaken by new competitors in the markets since it has no impact on how they thought about the business future. Uber's debut in May was a public frustration since they are trading below its initial pricing. Three years ago the majority did not imagine DoorDash would become their delivery choice. ("Doordash Is Now Worth $12.6 Billion After New $600 Million Investment") Uber Eats which operates internationally made $1.48B globally in 2018. Though DoorDash market share has surpassed it. DoorDash which operates in the US and Canada as over $600M to continue gaining market share.

Borrowing is a problem to business, not the economy

Bill Conerly contributor Forbes article. Every entrepreneur knows that borrowing can either bring growth or can be the downfall of their business. Debt is only dangerous to the business and brings possible collateral damages to the suppliers and employees. With a good growing economy, business debt should also be growing simultaneously. The ratio of growth and borrowing should be at the same levels. The ratio of debt to assets should not be overlooked when borrowing. Complicated business loans should not be considered depending on the nature of the business. Collateralized loan obligations are available to credit business that doesn't meet minimum bank lending standards ("Business Debt Is Risky To Borrowers, Not The Economy"). Though CLOs are available other bank loans like collateralized mortgage obligations may cause the financial crisis to the market. Collateralized loan obligations are created by raising capital, funds are raised from commercial finance companies and other loan originators. So the CLO is just middleman between borrowers and lenders. The structure is less risky due to diversification. And the CLO investors are able to choose from different tranches of the pool.

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