The Creative Process

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Date:  2021-03-06

Opportunity/problem recognition: at this stage, one realizes an opportunity that can be exploited to bring a larger impact on the masses or sees a problem that needs to be addressed to improve lives. Baroness Brady, as she later came to be known, saw an opportunity to buy West Ham United, a top flight football club. She envisioned something bigger and better would come up in buying a club in top flight football in the UK. Fortunately, she had the backing and confidence of the club chairmen who went ahead and bought the club (, 2016).

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Immersion: at this phase, an individual is totally sold out to an idea. He/she becomes completely immersed in it, concentrating all their efforts to see the idea bloom. Karren Brady had in mind the idea of women empowerment. As a board member of various companies, she challenged companies that did not have women in their board committees to give an explanation as to why there was no women representation on their boards. Here, we see someone so passionate to see more women take part in leadership roles, in transformative agendas (Karren Brady, 2016).

Incubation: in the incubation stage, an individual keeps an idea resting in their mind for some time, probably weighing and analyzing the best course of action to execute the idea. Karren Brady, already with the idea of empowering women and bringing about transformation via women empowerment, veiled in an interview that she would be involved in politics at some point in her life. Politics to her was a means of voicing her ambitions and aspirations so that she could affect policies that empowered women. Eventually, she was appointed as the government's Small Business Ambassador.

Insight: here, a solution to a problem that had been niggling in the individual's mind pops up unexpectedly, maybe when taking a shower, just before you sleep or even when doing your routine exercise. Brady's ambitious desire was finally fulfilled when an opportunity presented itself in the form of Birmingham City football club going into receivership. She convinced her bosses to buy the club and let her run it. She worked as managing director for the club until it was finally sold (Karren Brady, 2016).

Verification and application: at this stage, the individual sets out to showcase that the solution has merit and can benefit many. For Brady, her main agenda was to involve women in policy-making positions and spheres of influence. During her involvement with the Apprentice series, Karren Brady offered a job to Claire Young, runners-up in the competition. With this gesture, Karren clearly shows that being in a position of influence, as a woman, you can effect change by empowering other women because you empathize with what women go through in their efforts to be at the top (, 2016).


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