The Contribution of Tourism to the Economy of Arizona - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-05-16


The image of Arizona is so widespread to an extent where first-time visitors, feel like they have been there before. It is very intriguing for the tourists to find things in Arizona which they have seen or experienced in various types of media or surroundings such as a postcard or traveling documentary channels. One of the most amazing facts about Arizona sightseeing is its visible size and scale. The image of the wonderful sights of the nature of the West Coast has been magnified since the Wild, Wild West. Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon are the backbone of the American tourism industry, and these are considered as America's great tourism resources.

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Nature lovers who dream of vast Arizona will find different types of flowers, trees, cacti as well as living creatures due to the various existing ecosystems. For leisure activity fans, Arizona has in store various types of activities. According to The Business Journal, more than 12 million people visit Phoenix each year. Out of the 12 million people, 62 percent of tourists visit Arizona for leisure sports while 38 percent for conventions or business.

The main attraction sites in Arizona include the Grand Canyon which makes its magnificent debut into one of the wonders of the world. Having been shaped by the Colorado River over millions of years, the Grand Canyon attracts tourists from all over the world who come here to witness the breathtaking views that it gives. Other tourist attractions in Arizona include; Antelope Canyon which is located on the Navajo land and it is made up of two separate slot canyons. Lake Powell is located along the Colorado River and it forms another attraction in the southwest state. The monument valley is also located on the Navajo land and it is featured for having red sandstone hills. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped bridge that is made of glass and it enables the visitors and tourists coming to see the Grand Canyon be able to have a clear view of the place. Lake Mead is another lake located along the Colorado River and it also forms a scenic view for the tourist coming into Arizona. The Petrified Forest National Park is a vast picturesque attraction, that is dominated by petrified tree trunks, fossils and also ranger-led nature trails and tours. The Havasu Falls are located in the Grand Canyon and they also provide breathtaking views of tourists and it is located within the tribal lands of the Havasupai (Karlstrom, 66).

The other attraction sites in Arizona are; the Saguaro National Park, Montezuma Castle National Park, Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park, Meteor Crater, Desert Botanical Garden, Cathedral Rock, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Chapel of the Holy Cross, grand canyon Railway, Wupatki National Monument, Red Rock State Park, Camelback Mountain, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona Snowball, South Mountain Park, Phoenix Zoo and San Xavier del Bac among so many other tourist attraction in the state of Arizona.

This tourist destination is also known for its rich culture and heritage which is among the things that attract people to the state. Some of the culture and heritage are known to the Arizona people include; the travel culture which is as a result of the sunny climate, the hilly mountainous region and the breathtaking views that Arizona has to offer. There are various sites such as the ruins of villages and ancient structures that were left behind at the American Indian sites which also symbolize the heritage of Arizona. The most intriguing of all is the wild west history and the war that took place there, which is reincarnated up to this date in various ways including in films (Hevly, Richard, 500).

There are various shopping centers that tourists also explore while they are in Arizona and they include; Arrowhead town Centre, Temple Marketplace, the shops at NorTerra, Chandler fashion Centre, Desert Ridge Marketplace, Tanger Outlets, Biltmore fashion park, Phoenix premium outlets, Melrose district and the Newton shopping Centre are some of the best-shopping outlets in Arizona that are mainly visited by tourists. In addition to shopping experiences there are also entertainment centers that are popular in Arizona and they include; Old Tombstone Western Theme park, iFLY Indoor Skydiving center, the Phoenix Symphony which offers great orchestra music, the club congress, Orpheum theater among so many entertainment places in Arizona.

Tourism in Arizona is a booming business and therefore it is safe to say that it has contributed greatly to the economy of that state. According to a report published in 2016, it was the leading export Industry in the whole state. It has created over 100000 job opportunities to people who live within and outside the state too. People from outside the state set up their businesses in the state because of the booming industry and in return also contribute to the economy of the state. It has been estimated that tourism brings about 20.9 billion dollars I direct spending to the state whereas in a day it creates nearly 57million dollars through visitor spending directly. Tourism generates the largest tax revenue as compared to anything else in the state. As tourism continues to grow its roots in the state, the rate of job growth is expected to continue increasing and this guarantees the residents of the state a life above the poverty line (Song, Haiyan, Gang Li, 213).The Grand Canyon attracts most of the tourists who come to Arizona. Therefore, much is being done by the state to ensure that they improve the sightseeing experience there. That is by increasing the number of skywalks, increasing the number of tour guides and trying to make all parts of the Grand Canyon reachable easily without interfering with its natural beauty. Sports activities are also being introduced to the canyon in order to enhance the visit there. This, in turn, will increase the revenue at this historic site, in turn increasing the economy. Some of the success factors in this state have been contributed to by the weather they experience there. It is mostly sunny there and windy, an environment that many escape from their homes to come and see, therefore their weather and climate contribute to their success. The prevailing deserts in this region, make it unique to itself and thus adds to its natural state.


Arizona on its own continues to add more job opportunities, residents and income at a faster rate as compared to the nation itself. Therefore, there has been some forecast calls that place Arizona 30years from now generating more income than the nation. However, that may not be true when it comes to the income generated per capita, as this is said to be impossible to beat the nation on. This is because over the past few years as observed, Arizona has fallen back gradually on its per capita income, with the growth wage being slow and contributing to the divergence. One key factor that contributes to this is the four-year period of attainment of a college period which is behind the nations time average and if the attainment period is not adjusted then Arizona will remain behind in terms of per capita income. However, the state is working with the best financial analysts and advisors to ensure that they benefit 100% from the tourism industry which they are well endowed in.


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