Employee of the Month: A Moment of Pride and Appreciation - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-10


I am honored to stand before you today as the employee of the month. Any word that I can use to describe my appreciation would still be an understatement. When my name was called to come forward, I had some mixed emotions. Sometimes it is hard to believe that something happened until the actual time. I am a clerk in the accounts office, and speaking in front of this congregation was something that I least expected all through my tenure in this company. I know you can now understand how I feel.

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Words are not enough to show my level of appreciation. When one receives such an award, it is time to reflect on the career. When I joined this organization, I was young and determined to develop my career further. I saw this as the perfect place that would help me to grow. Thankyou the management, for proving me right. Even before this award, I felt lucky working in here. It is not everybody that gets such an opportunity.

Working in the accounting office involves a lot. Sometimes you are even labeled 'an enemy of the people.' You have to work according to strict schedules while making sure the set procedures are followed. Sometimes, you come across some people who are not patient. They do not want to wait so that they can be served. There is no need to go against the set terms because of one person. Let him/her be angry, but the company will be happy and proud of me. Sometimes one feels demotivated, but it is time that I am now motivated.

This award will not motivate me only. The other employees as well will strife to ensure that they are the ones who carry it home next time. I am an employee of the month, but not of the year. Before the year ends, there will be a total of 12 staff who will have won this award. I don't know whether you understand how the twelve will be motivated to continue with their tasks and even improving the operations and ways of doing things for the betterment of the organization. A satisfied employee leads to a happy client. When the clients are happy, the sales increases, and hence the net profit also improves. Since I work in the accounts department, I have to show you motivation in the accounting view.

It is important to mention that it is not my sole effort that has made me reach here. I want to thank my colleagues as well and particularly those in the accounting department. We have walked this journey together. There is no single time that I asked for your assistance, and you sidelined me. You made me understand the ways things are done in the company from when I joined. It is my sincere hope that we shall continue the cooperation for the betterment of the organization and also to our benefit. The best words to describe you all my co-workers is a family. We are one, and just like in the family, when one rises, we are all happy. I hope you equally share my joy today.

Sometimes we face challenges before we reach our goal. I want to encourage everyone here that you should not be discouraged. Every day that you wake up is a new chance to do what you did not accomplish yesterday. My journey has not been smooth all through, but today I am the one encouraging you. It is never late to start again. Where you need help ask, we are there for each other.

The management, I humbly accept this award. I am very grateful. The award will be instrumental in my career, and I see it as a fresh start. Continue with the excellent work motivating all the employees. To the employees, see the positive side of the company and work to improve where you see things are not moving smoothly. Let us be our brother's keeper and correct each other where we go wrong. Everyone is bound to make a mistake.

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