The Children of Dust - Literary Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-05-12


The book "The Children of Dust" outlines beneficial encounters of a child in Pakistan and America. The stream of challenges in the book is enticing and leaves a reader to long for more (Waterman, 2010). Eteraz battles to adjust to different Muslim laws that prohibit premarital sexual encounters. Eteraz faced several assaults in the USA that made him conclude that change is required in Pakistan.

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In my personal opinion, the theme of this book is the way the social and religious practices affect the existence of different people (Waterman, 2010). Ali who is an immigrant of the USA faces Islamic social practices that prevent him from venturing into the new world. He states that "completely Islamic adolescence and adjoins a kid's endeavor not simply to know his character, but rather to declare his power."Eteraz decides to go out of Pakistan in search of a spouse. However, he gets disappointed by the stick Muslim laws (Waterman, 2010). Consequently, the book is separated into five segments and parts, each of which outlines Ali with different stage names. Each stage name symbolizes what he passed through to comply will the strict Islamic laws in Pakistan and America (Waterman, 2010). Besides, Ali attempts to struggle for his desires and acknowledgment from the different groups he interacts with.

The book clearly outlines the early life of Eteraz in Pakistan where he is educated and interacts with the people around him. The book indicates that Eteraz had a wonderful life through his adolescence period and achieved his childhood goals is such a disparaging tone. He recognizes and passed through all the strictness of the Islamic laws during his adolescence stage where he adored the organization and conditions. The mother usually educated Eteraz through the use of real-life experience and the Koran (Waterman, 2010). The above teachings provided him with a completion of being a Muslim child and the reality of how life would be for him in future. Moreover, the training of madrassa was fleeting was changing after his father acquired a visa that changed his environment of work to America. Finally, they migrated to the USA and settled in Alabama State.

The other book called 'The American-Amir' is the continuation of the life adventure of this family (Benavidez, 2016). Also, the segment informs the reader about Eteraz detachment with his parents with his adventure for his impulses. Eteraz changes his name to Amir after being admitted to Secondary School to make him isolate with his parents, but still stick to Muslim culture and life. Furthermore, he thinks that this action would provide him with another look, increase gestures of lewd, and do away with the high school modesty (Benavidez, 2016).

Some of the most primary concerns about the Pakistani culture focus on religion and marriage. Eteraz is forced to move back to back to Pakistan in search of an appropriate spouse. The criteria for selection were to look for a devoted Muslim spouse (Benavidez, 2016). However, Eteraz could not identify such a spouse that suits the criteria.

The Islamic religion has made most Muslims to practice extremism. According to the analysis of the book, the main character judges everyone he interacts with through their Islamic qualifications (Waterman, 2010). In the end, he was elected the Leader of Muslim Understudy Relationship back at Atlanta College. He decided to stick to his faith and continue practicing Muslim culture and teachings in a Christian dominated school. Back on Campus, Eteraz reaches out to different Muslims who do not adhere to the Muslim laws and culture that he regards that they are provoking Allah (Waterman, 2010). He ventures into the new ideas of nullification, solidarity, self-completion, and innovation of fanaticism. After his graduation, Eteraz had accomplished his mission and vision and decided to move to Washington DC where the occurrence of 9/11 assaults took place (Waterman, 2010).


From the book, a person identifies a number of lessons. The main character alludes to the challenges that he faced in the little town as close-mindedness and backwardness in the group of Muslims back in Pakistan (Waterman, 2010). Besides, he modifies his name. In spite of his past academic challenges in a madrassa, the character decided to further his education to a college in Atlanta dominated by Christians to acquire his enthusiasm for modernization that he was enlightened through the mixture of Christianity and Islam. He suggests that these two variables are the primary factors that made him improve his level of confidence. Eteraz maintains that fanaticism upholds the abundance application of religious or political perspectives without any thought of their consequences (Waterman, 2010). Elteraz suggests that secularism makes Pakistan secluded from other nations can make the state to be considered as a sacred place. His motto for the primary crusade is that in spite of the differences in social practices, convictions, and religion everyone is guided by the law of the land (Waterman, 2010). On the contrary, he disagrees with Osama Bin Laden's perspectives and labels him a messianic faker who only targets people who are associated with other religions.


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Waterman, D. (2010). Review, Children of Dust by Ali Eteraz. Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies, 2(2), 48-50.

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