The Book Review: How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

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Date:  2021-03-11

The Book Title is How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.

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The book talks about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III adventures. Hiccup was the son of a Viking chief called Stoick. The books started up by the scene on Berk Island when a group of Hairy Hooligan young boys got instructed to perform their first military operation of catching their dragons by Gobber the Belch. According to the tribe, those who were not able to catch and train dragons were to be exiled from the tribe while, and those who conquered the mission got initiated as full members of the tribe. Despite having sacrificed his first catch of the very basic Brown big dragon to Fishlegs who never managed to get a catch and later returned to get his, the catch an infant Common Garden dragon, Hiccup still seemed to have failed, before everyones eye. Everyone laughed at his new dragon named Toothless because he had no teeth. Hiccup, however, started raising and training Toothless to fish although the dragon did not take him seriously. Toothless instead turned out to be lazy and stubborn, never obeyed his master and refused to learn. However, Hiccup possessed very rare ability to speak Dragonese, which helped him eventually to develop particular dragon-training techniques. These techniques later proved very useful when the whole tribe got threatened by a huge, vicious Seadragon. Only Hiccup knew what to do. The young boy nobody thought was capable of anything came up with a bold plan that saved the people (Cressida 2-213).


The first genre used is Animation. From the characters, story outline to visual development, the Dragon, and Viking worlds got brought to live with modern literary energy. The image of Toothless diving, boat Images at sea, the vicious Seadragons mouth, images of Baggybum, the storm, small dragon and the image of Gobber and Hiccup. Another genre is fiction. The fictional genre was also used as seen set in the fictional Viking world and focused on Hiccups experiences as he overcame the great obstacles on his journey to Becoming the Hero the Hard Way. The genre of adventure was also seen. The adventures of Hiccup, the son of a Viking chief, as he struggled to keep control of his dragon and finally became the Hairy Hooligan tribes respected member gave a clear portray of the genre. Fantasy genre was also used as many works within the genre took place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures were familiar. Humor genre was also used especially in the ways Hiccup communicates with toothless during the training by telling him jokes (Cressida 13-207).

Favorite Part of the Book

The most favorite part was where Gobber the Belch, the soldier who was in charge of the Initiation led the Vikings-to-be to Wild Dragon Cliff, where they had to complete the first part of the Dragon Initiation Program of catching their own Dragons. Fishlegs awoke all the young dragons when he tried to get the Deadly Nadder. In a rush to escape, Hiccup gave Fishlegs his catch and ran back to catch a different dragon. Gobber the Belch saved the boys from the attacking dragons but scolded them later.

The other favorite scene is during the night when the storm roused by Thor washes two sea serpents onto the Berk beaches, and then Thuggery, the heir to the Meatheads, told Hiccup to come up with a plan. Hiccup finally came up with a 'fiendishly clever plan' to annoy the dragons, lead them to each other so as that they would kill themselves. The plan killed one of Purple Death sea monsters, but the Green Death survived and chased Hiccup. Later after his attack by Green Death, Hiccup got taken out of the Green Death by Toothless, proving as the only dragon that never abandoned his master (Cressida 103-190).

Favorite character

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was the favorite character. This was seen in the way someday he was supposed to lead the tribe, but he seemed to lack the good leadership qualities. He was also a small and skinny boy who was not seen at first as a powerful hero by the Vikings as nobody including his father Stoick the Vast took him seriously. Moreover, he got bullied by the other boys. Despite the despising environment, Hiccup started raising Toothless and trained him to fish. Toothless turned out lazy, stubborn, not obeying his master and refused to learn. However, Hiccup possessed a very rare ability to speak Dragonese, which helped him eventually to develop his training techniques for dragons. The methods proved most useful when the whole tribe got threatened by a huge, vicious Seadragons. Though nobody thought he was capable of anything, he came up with a bold plan that saved the day (Cressida 2-213).

What I wish would have been done differently

The thing that I wish would have been done differently is that the author would have started by opening up a clear background of the Hairy Hooligan tribes culture and heritage. This would be a baseline picture of Viking world before setting up Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIs adventure. She should have also given more accounts on the childhood moments of Hiccups experiences with dragons, especially his Dragonese language backgrounds. This would have shaded more understanding of his great possession which got him to the biggest honor of Viking royalty.

Reaction to the way the Book ended

In my response, the book ends in suspense. The author never told us what happened afterward to Toothless and the other dragons. We were left to wonder whether they died out, went into hiding or disappeared. This left a whole mystery. We were also not told what happens to Hiccup as a result of the great honor of the Hairy Hooligan tribe.

How I would have ended the Book

I would have given the Book a different ending by giving a scene of happened afterward to Toothless and the other dragons. I would have also given an account of what happens to Hiccup as a result of the big honor of the Hairy Hooligan tribe and what lessons the other boys and the whole Hairy Hooligan tribe. I would have given a scene of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III as a grown Viking hero, and he would have brought significant reforms to the world of training and understanding the dragons.

Writing style of the Author

The author major uses childrens literature as her dominant style in the book. The style of childrens literature model in Cowells writing was so amusing and easy to understand. She did this by incorporating Hiccups drawings, reflections into the text and short letters and successfully made an interactive the reading experience as a key element. (Cressida 2-213).

Whom I would recommend the Book to and Reason

I would recommend the book to children. This story would allow children, of all ages, to envision themselves as part of Hiccups clan. The different interesting dragon names would draw them in making them want more through the aid of the action packed story. The narrative would also link into other open areas, such as Legends and Myths, Geography and English. It would be great for developing confidence in the children through the life lessons from Hiccups encounters and final victory. This would create in the kids a feeling of security as well as realize and believe that anything would be possible.

Overall Opinion of the Book

My overall opinion of the book is one of complete love and motivation. This would always be one of my favorite books for younger readers. It holds everything I could want: likable characters, an exciting story, and loads of humor. It is also an important and tool for all readers, both adults and children to pick a very practical lesson in the personal virtues and values that could help during life challenges as seen in the life of the main character Hiccup.

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