The Birth of a Nation Annotated Bibliography

Paper Type:  Annotated bibliography
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Date:  2022-03-29

Hussein 1. Duff. B. John & Mitchell. M. Peter The Nat Turner Rebellion: The Confession of Nat Turner New York: Harper & Row, 1971, pp. 11-28.

The book tells about the life of turner a Negros man who leads other black men to kill white men. The book is told in first person narration, and the events described in a chronological manner. The narrator tells how he knows from his early age that he was going to be a prophet and how when he was of working age he devoted himself to prayer and fasting in seeking the light to his mission. The narrator then tells about his different vision and his religious confirmation through the spirit. He then tells how they arranged to kill the people in his masters household who were whites and how they had succeeded in killing most of them though few people managed to escape. This book shall be used as the primary source in my paper. The source shall also be used to provide evidence on religious topics and themes.

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Hussein 2. "'Birth of a Nation' mishandles its portrayal of rape and its effects." USA Today, 12 Oct. 2016, p. 02D. U.S. History in Context, Accessed 6 Mar. 2018.

This source tells about two different set of rape in two different movies season five of Games of Thrones and In the Birth of a nation. The author starts by giving a brief introduction to the script director Parker's life and the rape cases that he faced together with his friends. The author then shows this cases of rape could have influenced the scenes of rape in the movies. The author finally looks at the two scenes separately in connections to women's rights. According to the author, the stories are told in Nat Turner's context something he thinks is a disservice to women. This source shall be a reference point on how personal stories are told by the second person and the effects it gives. The source will also be used to show the relationship between the author's action and their creativity.

Hussein 3. French, Scot. The Rebellious Slave: Nat Turner in American Memory. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004.

The effects of Turner's revolt on the free people, the white families, slaves and religious communities are told in the first part of the article. The author of the text then looks at Turners revolt as told by other slaves, the lawyer who compiled the report and some of the white people. French looks closely at the invocation by Turner and other black rebels that come before him. He also looks at how Turner's revolt become a source of reference by both white and black scholars and political figures. According to French most of the white writers focuses mostly on the manslaughter that took place while the black Scholars portray Turner as a freedom fighter. This source shall be used to show the implication of Turner's revolt to booth the white and the black communities. It shall also be a focal reference while discussing the events that influenced the history of slave trade.

Hussein 4. Molefi Kete, Asnte. Perspective: The Real Nat Turner Emerge ; Rosslyn Vol. 11, Iss. 5, (Mar 2000): 52.

According to this the text the author seeks to show how Styron in his novel was biased in his view of Nat Turner. According to the authors, Styron was a white man who could not retell the story of black Nat Turner because he had no firsthand experience that Turner went through. Styron, therefore, represents a lot of white writers who seek to demoralize and disfigure the work of Turner. According to Styron, he portrays Turner to be a maniac, tortured and tormented fanatic who lusts after a white woman. This then, therefore, raises a lot of question about how Turner would be after a white girl while he despised the white master. According to the author, Turners visions were to bring racism to an end and the Turner that Styron writes about is not the real Turner but one that he imagined. This book shall be used to show the blacks view on Turner. It also provided a reference on how the black's authors view the white authors in term of writing on slavery topics

Hussein 5.Ferguson, Randilm. Religion and the Making of Nat Turners Virginia: Baptist Community and Conflict, 1740-1840. The American South Series. Charlottesville: Universitry of Virginia press 2008

This book seeks to shade more light on the variegated religion in which Nat Turner and his foes emerged from. The first chapter of the book gives detailed research on succinctly sketch of the old domain religious contours during the colonial era. The books then tell about how there was an awakening of the Presbyterianism in the region and how the evangelistic were a treat to the existing churches because they made more converts hence increasing the number of the slaves in their fellowships. The author then looks at how the Baptist church was affected by the revolution and how they embraced the republican to increase their popularity among the dwellers of Virginia. This text shall be used to provide a reference on American Religion and evangelism among the Virginia will also help in explaining Turner's prophetic visions and how proslavery Christianity developed.

Hussein 6. Greenberg, Kenneth S. "Blood and Public Curiosity." Reviews in American History 44.1 (2016): 110-117.

The historian's perspectives on the Turners revolt are explained in this text. The text looks at the long-term effects of the Turners revolution on the laws that governed different states. The book shows how Allmendinger as a scholar was able to use the public records of Southampton country house to bring out core elements of Turner's revolution. Allmendinger identifies family events that happened before Turner was born he also gives information about Turner's wife and child. This source will shade more light on Turner's life using new details. It will also be used to explain Tubers action in relation to his daily life.

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