The Benefits of Integrating Marketing and Management Strategies in Entrepreneurial Organizations

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Date:  2022-07-20


Marketing is a broad field involving a myriad of activities. It entails identification of customer needs for a commodity, production, pricing, promoting and selling the product (Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler 2012). On the other hand, management incorporates the roles of planning, organizing staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting (Williams, 2013). Phillip Kotler (2012), further defines marketing management as the process of forecasting and implementing a product ideology, valuing, promotion and availing it to the market in line with the customer needs and organizational goals.

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An organization depends on marketing to create enabling relationships with their clientele as well as a budget for future expenditures. Invariably organizations confronted with challenges of competition and scramble for upcoming opportunities on a daily basis hence the need to implement profound marketing strategies by the management (Mullins, Walker, Boyd & Larreche, 2010).

It is undeniable that there exists an interdependence between marketing and management. This research topic is suitable in that it tries to find out whether there are benefits of integrating marketing and management strategies in businesses.

General objective

To assess the positive impacts of the relationship between marketing and management in businesses.

Specific Objectives

To explore the role of marketing in management.

To evaluate marketing strategies applied in the management role.

Research Questions

What is the correlation between marketing and management?

What are some of the challenges the management might face in its effort to marketing its products and services?

Literature Review

Kolter and Keller (2012) defined marketing as the value-creation process of a customer base and a sustainable relationship. Strategic management aids managers to translate strategies to actual practice and systematic data collection on marketing environment. In the initial stages of strategic management, marketing managers can study in depth the macro-environment, the opportunities and external threats (Phadtare, 2010).

According to Kotler, Keller, Ancarani and Costabile (2012), the marketing role in management is imperative for any organization as it seeks to establish customer relations necessary for a firm's success. Activities in the marketing field, try to address customer needs satisfaction through the creation of valuable products tailored to suit customer specifications. For an organization's survival, customer focus is vital, and their demands key in marketing strategies, Best (2012). Therefore, marketing is a field within management explicitly tasked with satisfying consumer demands. Successful implementation and monitoring of marketing activities fundamentally rely on competent managerial functions

Proposed Research Methodology

The research will apply quantitative confirmatory research design to collect data. Both primary and secondary data collecting methods will be applied. Survey method will be core whereby emphasis will major on standard questionnaires designed in alignment with the research questions then issued to sampled respondents. The questions will bear predetermined replies both open-ended and close-ended whereby the respondent is required to select the most appropriate. Document reviews such as sales reports, customer feedback report will be instrumental in gathering relevant information. The research method is suitable to this research in that it eliminates the subjectivity, provides a probability for generalization of results and has metrics for validity.

The sample size will be determined by obtaining permission form the targeted institution as well as the participants selected for research specifically in the marketing and management departments. The population will only include those participants in marketing and management departments upon which an estimated number of questionnaires will be issued.

Finally, the collected data will be put together and analyzed using appropriate techniques. The finding' analysis will after that be clinched using drawn deductions from the research questions to establish the relationship between marketing and management


The research will uphold safety, confidentiality of the volunteer participants. Clarification on purpose of this study to the respondents is essential for transparency and assurance of appropriate handling of their feedback.


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