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Date:  2021-06-23 02:15:32
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Technology play a big role in the current society and will have a great impact to the future generation. Technology is advancing at a very fast rate to meet the number of demands and needs for survival. Technology affects various sectors including communication, transportation, agriculture and even the education system. The success of various organizations is dependent upon the use of advanced technology. Adoption of advance technology is advised for various organizations and companies. This paper focuses on Savylink Business Solutions, which is a business company that deals with provides business advice to various companies both large scale and small scale.

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Savylink has a total of about 200 employees. There is sufficient collaboration among the various employees. This collaboration ensures that the communication and sharing of ideas among employees is enhanced. The employees are able to develop various projects in efficient and strategic methods .Collaborative culture is initiated and implemented by the key decision makers in the organization. The collaborative culture has been built from creation of a digital community where integrative and interactive platforms are developed to promote sharing and communication among the employees. The management is responsible for development of the interactive platforms. The management has ensured that there is good connectivity in the organization that promotes effectivity of the interactive platform. Thanks to the management more plans are underway to ensure that support for various collaborative activities are in place.

The current technology does not support all the needs of the employees in the organization. The workplace relationships are greatly affected by technology. The face to face contact among the employee is reduced. The employees mostly communicate using cell phones, text messages and video or audio chats. As a result, the employees become self-centered and reserved. This lead to loss of the human touch and interpersonal communication among the employees. Thus is usually an important aspect in building the relationships at the workplace. It builds understanding and health relationships among the workers as they get to share non- work related information.

Technology can also be risky since it has increased data insecurity. In case the date is lost the employees have to start all over again and repeat the work all over again. Due to this more back up storages are put up to enable salvage of data in case data is suddenly lost. It reduces the focus of the employees as it distracts employees this is due to the increase in social networks. The employees therefore tend to spend more time in social network reducing their productivity. Savylink has however taken some measures to ensure this does not happen. The social network websites have been blocked to ensure there is no much time wasted on social networking.

The technology being used by Savylink is up-to-date with various improvement with technological advancement. Various collaborative tools such as video conferencing are well developed. Communication among various branches has been enhanced. The organization has also provide3d the employees with phones and tablets that are interconnected making communication among employees and between the employees and the supervisors to be effective. Due to this, I have gained various skills in word processing, spreadsheet, email management, using of blackboard, website design and computer security.

In conclusion, all organizations should ensure that the embrace all technological development. Advance technology ensures that the communication and operations within the organization are efficient and effective. Use of outdated technology on the other hand lessens the effectiveness of operations within the organization leading to reduced productivity.

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