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Technology knows how has become an essential requirement in today's world due to the rampant and stiff competition amongst organizations and institution that try to outstand in the raters scale (Redlich & Nemzow, 2015). Technology is the practical application of skills and knowledge in a given scenario to accomplish organizational or individual tasks. In contrast, IT is the usage of computer systems in information storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation. This paper presents the technology tools of operations management such as spice works, ManageEngine, basecamp, survey monkey, and lawn sweeper in one of the North American organizations known as Procore Technologies Inc.

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Procore Technologies Inc.

Procore Technologies Inc. is a United States company that majors in construction management software. The organization was first founded in 2003 headquartered in Carpinteria, California, with Craig "Tooey" Courtemanche as the CEO. The software enables teams of construction firms, contractors, firm owners, project team managers, and partners to work as a team and share accessibility to company data, documents, and planning systems (Schwalbe 2015). Procore Technologies Inc. has employed various Information Technology tools alongside individual operators in the accomplishment of the available tasks in that incorporated organization. Each IT tool is discussed in detail concerning the correspondent value chain analysis. IT Tool

This is an Information Technology tool that works as the Army knife of Swaziland. An organizational manager can monitor network activities running in the organization, keep up with the firm's inventory records and manage his help desk at the same time with just one app (Redlich & Nemzow, 2015). IT managers have access to information they may require on every device connected to the network with the network inventory management and monitoring network. This allows them to pull those reports, which are often requested, with ease.

ManageEngine IT Tool

The organization uses the ManageEngine IT tool to automate active directories, set up mobile policies within the organization, capture and deploy images in the desktop, and many more IT activities involved in the operations of the given organization (Cetindamar, Phaal & Probert, 2016). A selection of free for androids administrators and windows is offered by the organization to better the operation management.

Basecamp IT Tool

Basecamp is an IT tool that centralizes all communications in an organization replacing numerous emails and circulars that are disseminated after every hour or occasions when one needs to transmit information from one department to the other within the firm (Cetindamar et al. 2016). This way, it is simplified by every individual in the organization having their login to cross-check the assignments, updates, emerging concerns, and discussions from their points of duties (Cetindamar, Phaal & Probert, 2016).

SurveyMonkey IT Tool

An organization's technical support acts as a representative of the entire department. Therefore the good customer-firm relationship is paramount. An occasional survey carried on customer satisfaction can help point out areas that need rectification before such information reaches the top management of the organization and the general public, which is seen as the target market for every organization that strives to win. SurveyMonkey IT tool is essential in creating follow up survey questions that an organization's consumer can fill to tell whether he/she is satisfied.

Lansweeper IT Tool

Lansweeper automates and provides information regarding reports of devices connected to a network hence saving time that could have been spent by IT technicians in going around in the whole organization installing software in every method. This majorly applies in organizations with numerous value chain and departments which need to be addressed.

Effect of Technology on Procore Technologies Inc.

Procore Technologies Inc., as an organization, has experienced advancement in the safety of software construction sites due to improved technologies. There is increased productivity, enhanced collaborations among constructors, and operation management more efficient and reliable (Redlich & Nemzow, 2015). There is a smooth flow of innovative ideas since communication is centralized in the organization. Every departmental operation is under monitory the IT managers in the organization, making each employee focus more on profit maximization, which is the primary aim of every existing firm.

Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis is a strategic tool that is used by any firm to analyze internal firm activities purposely to recognize the most valued operations in the organization as well as those that require improvement to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. An organization is commonly composed of various departments that make it whole. Such departments also implement technology to advance the company's god will by outdoing the competitors in the market (Redlich & Nemzow 2015). A company is considered profitable when the cost of production is minimized, and the profit margin is maximized with other factors kept constant.

Human Resource Management Department implements technological tools to store, retrieve information of every employee in the organization, monitor the activities in the operations of tasks, personal profile of an employee, and employee payroll, among others (Cetindamar, Phaal & Probert, 2016). If technology is well used in the HR department, HR practices become more efficient, leading to maximized benefits and minimized problems. Anything relating to human resources is dealt with in this department.

The procurement department needs to know the relevant channels of supplying the required materials in the organization. For the case of Procore Technologies Inc., the procurement personnel must be equipped with the right skills to know-how, what, and when to bring the materials into the construction firm (Baller, Dutta & Lanvin, 2016). The number of documents required, the amount of money needed to cater to such requirements is always upon them to put down the quotation. The procurement officer, in this case, reports to the financial officer who informs him of the finances required.

Logistics being an integral part of the Supply Chain Management results in the timely delivery of the goods and materials to the final businesses. It attempts to put forth the right material goods within the timeframe, in the right quality and quantity required by the consumers, at the correct location of consumers, and at the affordable price. Outbound logistics, therefore, covers all the actions involved in dealing with or trading in products manufactured by the organization (Ismyrlis & Moschidi, 2015).

Overall Analysis of the Changes Technology Has Made In the Businesses

Technology has dramatically made a difference in the business in the sense that the ways of operation have improved (Swink 2017). The industry experienced, and difference since the running of services became smooth since everything is digitalized. Right from the modes of communication to the allocation of duties. Initially, communication was known to be vertical and horizontal, upward, and downward. Upward communication channel applied where the employees report to the top-level management on occasions such as when giving feedback, raising concerns, and presenting the outcomes of the project tasks (Baller, Dutta & Lanvin, 2016). A downward method of communication applied when the top management is giving directives, orders, assigning duties to be done.

Technology has helped in putting the human resources in the front line and treating them as assets in the organization. This makes them remain focused on attaining the result of the organization. Leave, and absence records in the human resource department are used in ding a follow up the employee work attendance (Baller, Dutta & Lanvin, 2016). This is achieved, in some organizations through biometric login and logouts. This showed when the employee showed up in the vicinity and when he or she left the workplace.

From the above analysis, I did not find anything missing in Procore Technologies Inc. The company, since they have automated almost all of its operations and operation management. Everything is orderly arranged and allocated in the respective departments' hence easy work being carried out (Redlich & Nemzow, 2015). The employees, as well as the top management, are well conversant with the knowledge and skills relevant to carry out various duties. The value chain analysis is evident and well elaborated in that organization.

As the CEO of the organization, if it happens suddenly, the next steps will be to engage the other stakeholders to agree on opening another ranch and competitive employee employees but then those with little understanding of the current technology to be trained on the direction to take to gain the competitive advantage of Procore Technologies an organization.


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