Tech-Driven Productivity: Boosting Company Performance With Cloud Office Suite - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-22


The rise of technology is one of the notable changes the world has seen in the past few years. Technology has been significant as it has helped how various activities are carried out. Moreover, technology has been introduced into multiple companies so that productivity can be enhanced. The cloud-based office productivity suite is one of the features developed from the advancements in technology. In the case of my company, the vice president wants the office-based productivity suite to increase productivity. The sales team of the company is remote and this interferes with the connection. The vice president believes that using the cloud-based office productivity suite, and the sales team will be connected. The team will then be able to share information easily.

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Various types of cloud-based productivity suite can be used to help the company improves its productivity. One of the cloud-based productivity suites that can be used is the Zoho Online Office Suite (Warren, Hake & O'brien, 2014). The Zoho Online Office Suite is made up of various components that can be used to enhance the productivity of the company. The Zoho Online Office Suite has word processing features that will help it to create memos(Warren, Hake & O'brien, 2014). The memos will help in communicating important information to the workers. Customer relations is an essential aspect of a business. Good customer relations can be achieved through the Zoho Online Office Suite. The Zoho Online office suite allows the company to interact with the customers and they can make sales agreements. Zoho Online Office Suite has the Web Conferencing Capabilities. These capabilities are essential in that they allow employees to communicate while in different places. The presence of this feature is necessary for that it will help the employees be able to attend meetings remotely.

Zoho online office suites is made up of spreadsheets. The spreadsheet is essential as it contains the features which can be used to calculate the prices of the products. In the end, the worksheets will make it easy to view the price sheets. Secondly, the Zoho Online Office Suite is made up of the presentations. (Benlian, 2011). The presentation capability is important as it will help the company to be able to make a presentation to clients. These presentations will help the clients to understand the essential elements regarding the company. The Zoho Online Office suite is made up of an extensive database. The large databases allow a lot of information to be stored. Also, through this database, the employees can access their emails and retrieve some vital information


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