Team and Trust Essay

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Date:  2022-02-16

Teamwork is a collective effort of a group of individuals to achieve a mutual goal or complete an obligation more effectively and efficiently. The project management performs poorly, while at times, they function effectively. Some of the reasons as to why the project management team performs poorly include lack of documental guide: inconsistent communication: poor planning: unrealistic expectations (Humphrey, 2010). Lack of a scoping guide often highlights that a project will not cover the requirements. In the absence of a scope document, tasks cannot be assigned, monitoring the performance becomes stressful, and there is a lack of communication between project management and stakeholders (Humphrey, 2010). Inconsistent communication promotes disorganization within the project management team since it has promoted confusion and mistrust (Humphrey, 2010). Besides, unrealistic expectations have led to numerous project failure, for instant setting, unrealistic deadlines and expectation have led to dragged project management (Parker, 2010).

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On the contrary, successful teams have various characteristics. The first characteristic of a successful team is its operation towards the mission and vision of the project. This trait highlights the team's understanding of the objectives and commitment towards attaining the goals. Next, the team understands that respectful communication is a standard; thus, they all need to implement an open, honest and respectful means of communication (Humphrey, 2010). Equally, the victorious team has a strong sense of team commitment, precisely, in their decisions as well as actions. The thought of belonging assist members of the team co-exists regardless of their expertise, ethnicity/race, gender, and academic qualification (Parker, 2010). Nonetheless, a successful team participative engagement in all their assigned tasks. This quality assists them in supporting and becoming committed not only to individual tasks but help other team members (Parker, 2010).

Project managers have much to do in the case a team is not performing adequately. For example, in the case of unrealistic expectations, the management team needs to ensure that the team has a buffer that provides them with the freedom to complete the projects without any rush. The buffer will assist in reducing the workload and assign tasks in a better manner (Parker, 2010). Additionally, project managers need to ensure that they reserve execution time in all projects assigned to them; it will assist with the success of the project (Humphrey, 2010). The approach promotes a-hundred-per cent return of the time and resources allocated to the task. Effective communication can assist with the inconsistency in networking among team members (Parker, 2010). It is essential to place all the team members on the same page, ignore confusions and motivate them. Such an approach will enhance environmental trust, proactive solutions to conflicts as well as ensure the team delivers (Humphrey, 2010).

Credibility also identified as an ethos has several characteristics. These ingredients include respect, good character, as well as authority. Compliance is an emotional and internal feeling of enhanced admiration for something or someone with elicited abilities, qualities as well as achievements; for example, project leaders are respected because of their capabilities in implementing thoughtfulness and considerations in all the events of a team. The excellent character, on the other end, reflects on the moral trait of evaluation of individual ethical qualities, and it involves characteristics such as empathy, courage, fortitude, loyalty and honesty. Finally, authority is the right to initiate and impose orders, decisions as well as promote jurisdiction over a project.


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