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Tamarack comprises of industries that manufacture motorboats used for skiing on the water. This is a company endowed with human resources featured by well-experienced workers who have a permanent employment term. Also during the summer months, some students are usually hired during the holiday vacation to work in the company. In the past years, students have been working along with the permanent employees, but a few experienced workers complained that some of the students were slow and arrogant. Therefore the old workers disliked the behavior of the student workers such as working while enjoying music.

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The discrepancy between the workers continues to widen when the students were assigned the job during vacation. The students are then empowered and enhanced through training, and therefore they demonstrate high proficiency of work; as a result, the supervisor tries a different technique of work by having all the students perform the work. Mark, the new supervisor appreciates the job with high vigor, he shows devotion towards work and guides the young workers in the formation of "Geek team" the new workers are given the long production runs, they get motivated and perform the work to their level best. When the experienced workers resume the job, they are assigned the short term of the production process. Management crisis continues when the skilled workers are denied to work on the long chain of work. They get disappointed become malicious into the work equipment. The management realizes the problem and the supervisor advocated for even distribution of work in the long and the short production run. The work schedule is prepared and posted on the bulletin.

Taylor Management Theory

The theory is also called classical theory it emphasizes on the efficiency in the organization, to ensure efficiency the motivation of employees is considered. Rather than confronting the workers during mistakes, they should be rewarded appropriately. The principle management should be aimed at ensuring the prosperity of both the organization and the employees. This means that every part of the business is essential and therefore the workers should be geared up to p[lay their role for success. When the workers are motivated, they feel that they belong to the organization and give the best they can.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is very vital on the organization; it is the skeleton of the organization growth and development (Devaraj et al. 630). Goals are relevant in determining whether the organization has arrived at the target; goal setting is, therefore, a tool for indicating the direction of the organizational progress. It is imperative for an organization to set realistic goals to act as a guide in evaluating the performance of goals.

Setting Useful Goals

For any organization to operate successfully, realistic goal setting must be put in place, in the process of goal setting a lot of care is needed to ensure that the organization ambition is not misguided. Therefore perfect goal setting should apply before undertaking the production process. The goal setting must be SMART that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable Realistic and Timely. The reality of a goal means that the goals must work to achieve the intended purpose careful evaluation of the organizational structure will ensure that the goal implementers are involved. The process of goal setting should consider the task to be done when and how, whether there are enough resources, the human financial and physical resources (Saulsberry et al. 3356). Being measurable means that it is possible to give an evaluation of the far gone, the weekly look at the target analysis and progress report is essential.

Attainable means that it is possible to achieve the set goals if the company sets straight goals that are easy to attain then the employees are motivated to perform the task within the timeline. Proper timing of the goals should be done to ensure that the work is quickly done.

Research findings from various organizations indicate that on many occasions' goals do more harm than good. Worse, poor goal setting can damage the organization as well as the individual persons. Sometimes you find that the goals are over-ambitious or overstated without understanding the precise harm they cause. Some adverse effects of the goal setting are unethical behaviors, the tendency of concentrating on some areas and negligence of some parts, corrosion of the organization culture and reduced motivation of employees.

Overlooking any segment of the company may have a far-reaching consequence; this may be a slow but sure way of organization paralysis.

Used wisely the goals can cause inspiration and improve the performance of the business; goal setting must be prescribed in different but well-calculated doses, the focus should not just stretch to the standard level of increasing the productivity.

How Can a Goal Setting Go Wrong?

When people fail to consider the most critical activities such that the employees care and exclusive responsibility of realizing the goal they may give the wrong impression even when things are going bad.

Are the Goals the Problem or Is It the Way We Use Them

Sometimes the organization may set dysfunctional system that may translate into dangerous behaviors and eventually give poor outcomes. Does the goal expand to the knowledge of the capabilities of employees; the goals must if one wants to engage the employees such as pro-social behaviors where the employees can help one another? Additionally, the set goals must stretch the attention to the employees to ensure that all work to demonstrate the positive impact on the business.

Resolutions of a Goal Setting Problems

In the effort of resolving the organizational problem one may consider the Abraham Maslow; in the tenet of the theory, human wants are organized in a hierarchy manner.

The basic needs are prioritized first once the requirements are fully satisfied the employees seeks the job security the employees also try to be loved and appreciated and to have a sense of recognition after which they attain self-actualization.

First is that the management should be careful to ensure that the set goals are all involving, they should include everyone need to guarantee successful task performance, the organization must be cautious to ensure that they the targets are within the needs of every individual. The framework of the goals should focus on including the strategies and expectations of task performance that build up the respect and cooperation and appreciation.

Effort should be made to ensure that the people engage to provide that there is no conflict of interest in the place of work, it is important to note that taking any goal that is not favorable to every employee may cause a discrepancy between workers. This may, therefore, end up creating social discord and demotivation. A lot of care should be taken to ensure that there is no case of discrimination in the organization.

Limitation of the Theory

Sometimes it may not be easy to motivate everyone. Nonetheless, the process of identifying the need and interest of every individual may not be natural.


It is the overall duty of the organization to ensure smooth flow of work through proper work policies. The employees should aim at motivating all the workers to guarantee effective and efficient production

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