System Analysis: Assessing Interactions & Improvements for Business - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-07-06


System analysis assesses systematically analyses the interaction of the developed technology interacts with its end users as well as how different functions within a business operates. System analysis is responsible for examining a given set of input and how data is processed to produce a meaning with the aim of organizational processes improvement (Shollo & Galliers, 2016). Most improvements within an organization involve user support on work tasks and various business functionalities through computerization within an organization (Kendall & Kendall, J2010). From the definition, the main method adopted for analyzing a system is a systematic approach to improve the overall performance within the organization.

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System analysts act as system consultants. In most cases, for the stakeholders or any other relevant individual within an organization to understand the various process within the system, the immediate personnel to address will be a system analyst (Sugiandi & Kerlooza, 2018). System analyst can be hired to highlight the various problems involved in implementing an information system. Outsourcing a system analyst has a significant impact on the organization since the personnel is likely to have a new perspective towards a given idea being given within an organization (Huang et al. 2018).

System analysts act as the organizational supportive agents. To understand the working of a given set of computer hardware or software, the immediate person who can offer significant professional expertise is a system analyst (Wang, 2019). The help offered can be used to address such as modification of a given set of use cases to suit the overall needs of an organization.

Systems Analyst acts as a change agent within an organization- all changes regarding the system being deployed in an organization require authorization from a system analyst.

Evaluation Summary

System analysts play a major role in an organization. System analysts act as the system consultants being the main reference personnel for any resulting change within an organization. A system analyst also acts as a supportive agent and also a change agent within an organization.


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