SWOT Analysis for Memorial Cancer Institute. Critical Thinking Example.

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Date:  2021-06-23

Memorial Cancer Institute is a cancer treatment facility located in Aventura City, Florida. This hospital has a committee whose responsibility is to oversee the provision of cancer care and treatment to the patients. This committee is composed of physician leaders in surgery, pathologists, radiologists, and radiation and medical oncologists. The facility also has staff that comprises of physical therapists, nutritionists, quality managers, and nurses. All the staff works in compliance with national guidelines towards improving the health of the clients. The Memorial Cancer Care program has continually maintained accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer since the 90s and has also received commendations for the good work in the respective program. In the year 2015, Memorial Hospitals cancer team accomplished many successful initiatives and participated in various community outreach activities. The hospital and physician specialists work closely with every patient to create and adhere to optimal, individualized plans of treatment. Most of the affiliated physicians in the facility are experienced in the most advanced cancer treatment options, making the program one of the best performing in the region. Despite, the tremendous success of this facility in regards to cancer treatment, there are also challenges and weaknesses it faces. Threats such as competition from neighboring cancer treatment facilities, high costs of drugs, and growing expectations of the patients significantly affect the services at Memorial Cancer Institute. It is therefore essential for a SWOT analysis to be done to singly identify the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that the hospital faces. It will help in coming up with the necessary measure to curb the risks and challenges, as well as investing more in the strengths and opportunities.

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A SWOT analysis is usually a useful method for understanding an organizations strengths, weaknesses, and for identifying both the opportunities and threats. In this case, a SWOT analysis will help Memorial Cancer Institute focus on its strengths, minimize the risks, and take all possible advantage of opportunities that are available. The following is the SWOT analysis of Memorial Cancer Institute.


Memorial Cancer Institute has a dedicated group of workers that comprise of physical therapists, radiologists, pathologists, and medical oncologists. They are all qualified to their professions, with accreditation from reputable medical institutions. Most of the above professionals in the hospital are experienced in the most advanced cancer treatment choices. It promotes the high quality of services to the cancer patients and therefore a positive and sustainable program. The doctors general goodwill and willingness to adopt new trials is also a great strength to the facility as it improves the services being offered. Also, the willingness of the doctors promotes a sense of satisfaction to all the clients, which is a good thing. Also, the high level of modern technology used in the institute serves as strength. These treatment and rehabilitation equipment offer significant services to the cancer patients, thus improving their health. Another strength is the praise and accreditations that the facility has received from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer confirming its commitment to excellence. The hospital should put more focus on these strengths to improve the overall output.


One major weakness in the institute is that new cancer treatment trials are absent. This hinders progress in regards to cancer treatment and other related services. Similarly, the high cost of cancer screening and treatment equipment poses a great challenge in the facility. The rising cost of cancer therapy is also a great weakness at Memorial Cancer Institute as most people cannot afford. By acknowledging these threats, the management will act appropriately to minimize them and thus promote effectiveness and efficiency of the cancer treatment patients.


Memorial Cancer Institute has a wide array of possibilities in its operations. Foremost, with the accreditations received from reputable medical institutions; this hospital can expand its training capacities regarding cancer treatment. This will encourage many people across the region to participate in cancer treatment programs. Also, the facility has a good opportunity in adopting new treatment methods as it has well qualified medical professionals. The management of the facility should take advantage of these opportunities in order to improve cancer treatment.


This facility faces threats both internally and externally. First and foremost, there is an intense threat from the Baptist Healthcare which offers similar cancer treatment and rehabilitation services. Patients tend to visit Baptist Healthcare as it offers those services at subsidized prices. Another threat that the facility faces is the growing expectations of patients regarding medical services provision. Most patients have gained improved knowledge concerning their rights and other provisions and thus demand a lot from the medical practitioners. It poses a great threat to the provision of medical aid to the cancer patients in the institute. Furthermore, the high costs of drugs globally make cancer treatment and therapy out of reach for the patients. Oncology therapy, for example, becomes very difficult to obtain as most of the clients are low or middle-income earners.

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