Sustainability Management Application Letter

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Date:  2021-03-08

What is the use of a house if you do not have a decent planet to put it on? This phrase lamented by Henry David Thoreau, a philosopher and development critic among other specialties, inspires my every decision to study, advocate, and appraise sustainable management. Even though Sir. Henry did not necessarily delve into the sustainable use of the environment but criticizing the development strategies; the words have a significant impact on the sustainable development. The rationale is the unsustainable use of nature, and its resources destroy the climate affecting the ecosystem thus making the environment unsuitable for living building a house in which we shelter in useless to build.

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Since my toddler years, nature has always intrigued and fascinated me. As I grew up in realized that the climate since I was a child to the present 21st century has changed immensely as people are more concerned with their capitalistic ventures than using the environment sustainably. However, I did not think that on joining college I would major on environmental studies due to my unconditional love for nature and sustainable development. My decision to the end of the sophomore year did not surprise as the actions of people around me motivated my choice to fight for our dying environment. After the phase of self-actualization, as is depicted in Maslows Hierarchy of needs, I undertook many activities to help with my choice and decided to pursue a Masters Program in Sustainable Management in Columbia.

The actions that followed my decision to take up environmental studies were primarily towards protecting nature. For instance, during my junior year, precisely the second semester, I did a Study Abroad program on Climate Change in three countries. Within the three study countries I used as guinea pig in the study, and located in the Europe, Africa, and Asia continents respectively, I realized that the practice commonly employed by the farmers was sustainable agriculture. This manifested and grew my interest in sustainable agriculture informing my final project on the sustainable use of water in farming. The program increased my interest in the sustainability study and its techniques thus influencing my decision to work at a Sports Clothing line in New York City.

It is at the NYC clothing line that I observed that there is the inadequacy of sustainability techniques in the industry. This resulted in the central issues like rising costs and waste. Even though I am sourcing eco-friendly fiber or trims for them, the employees do not execute a real sustainable system within the office. Moreover, it is evident that the rampancy of the unavailability of the use of sustainable techniques and tools was majorly due to lack of education among the employees in the need for a management that will reduce waste.

Following my work experience in New York and the above activities that I carried out, I decide to apply for Masters Program in Sustainability Management. The reason for choosing Columbia University is due to its esteemed and highly accredited teaching facilities that are based on actual findings from research by both students and tutors in the field of sustainable development. For example, in the university, there is the Earth Institute under the Masters program I am to enroll in that has a shared goal of creating a sustainable environment, society, and economy. Furthermore, the university is best suited for my ambitions as it teaches in the ideologies of Jeffrey Sachs on sustainable development which I am ardent believer. In addition, I will choose New York City as the study area due to the high population and numerous economic activities in the town.

Sustainable management, being based on the common but differentiated responsibilities, the polluter pays, prevention and precautionary environmental principles will help me in my venture to educate the employees on the need for sustainable management. Further, joining the program will provide an exposure experiment in both the study of nature and financial economics due to the social scientists tutors in the university. Additionally, because of the relation that the programs classwork has in real life situations, it makes it attractive and exciting subject to venture into. For example, the techniques to be learned on sustainability will give me a better a chance to teach the employees of the company sustainable management avoiding wastage and increasing sales. I look forward to having a learning experience in the university in the efforts of saving our dying planet.

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