Summative Reflection

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  591 Words
Date:  2022-10-20

The English 100 course has given me the opportunity to grow as a writer in various dimensions. There has been all kind of assignments which have gauged different aspects of writing. There have been assignments that have required me to share personal experiences such as 'My Run in with Law Enforcement,' others that have required detailed research and analysis such as 'smoking cigarettes.'

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Before writing this summative reflection, I took a moment to read some of my assignments to see how far I have come. One area I have made huge strides in is citing and referencing of works using MLA. I have learned how to reference different types of sources and include in-text citations. Looking at some of my first assignments such as 'Acts of Kindness' I had a few mistakes in the works cited page which I corrected evident from my recently submitted assignment 'Smoking Cigarettes.' The quality of the content of my work has also improved significantly. Before this course, most of my assignments were based on opinions but I have learnt to spend enough time researching to give my assignments credibility. My writing has also improved in terms of grammar. I have learnt how to ensure cohesion and coherence of my papers. This has ensured that the points I am putting across have a flow and are well linked by use of conjunctions. Before, I would finish a paper and not spare time to proofread. I have learnt the importance of proofreading not once but twice to make sure that assignments do not have grammatical errors such as misspelling or punctuation errors.

The improvement in my writing has been down to several factors. I have written several papers on different genres. For instance, the assignment on 'My Run in with the Law' was a personal experience which I had with a police officer that led to my arrest. This assignment did not require research but rather tested my ability to share a personal experience. I was, therefore, able to freely express myself without looking for facts or sources to back up my work. This helped build my confidence as I had a lot to share. The feedback from the lecturer has also been helpful. I have learned my weaknesses and found ways of working on them. I have also had an opportunity to read some of the essays submitted by classmates. The diversity in their content has helped me learn new ways of expressing ideas. Coming into this class I had the desire, the will and the determination to improve my writing. I, therefore, paid close attention to instructions and the materials provided. It helped me learn new things which I incorporated into my writing. Finally, as human beings, we all want to succeed and besides improving my writing there was always the incentive of getting good grades. The desire to constantly improve and earn good grades pushed me to work harder which I believe played a big role in improving my writing. In the end, my greatest achievement has been to comfortably articulate myself and make logical arguments in writing. I now enjoy writing assignments and papers as I have the technical skills and maturity to deliver quality work without much struggle.

In conclusion, I have come a long way since the beginning of this course. I have improved my referencing skills, learned to ensure cohesion and coherence of my papers as well as eliminating grammatical mistakes. This improvement has been due to the different assignments completed, feedback received and the relentless desire to succeed and improve.

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