Successful Entrepreneurship: Reflections on Program Design & Behaviour - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-06


I had this perception that entrepreneurs are born. I would believe that there are people with a specific genetic formula that dictate their courses of life, and I felt that they could hardly fail. It was until I learned some basics and realized that being equipped with the necessary skills, determination to succeed, and resilience were the tools needed for a successful entrepreneur.

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Your Reflection Among the Program

The program is designed and works in line with the behavior within the entrepreneurs plus their way of coming up with new ideas aimed at solving business problems but again suiting the students in almost all the majors. The program I am inclined to believe is necessary to career success in big and successful companies plus new organizations to address diverse necessities around the globe. For the minors, the program is aimed at empowering them with learning pedagogies to create value and carry the banners advocating for positive change in career and within their disciplines. The program has objectives to enable the participants with skills, knowledge, and principles in solving technical problems, generation of businesses, and solutions on a different platform, finding opportunities in all aspects of life, self-efficacy, leadership, morals communication, and learning from previous mistakes.

The Golden Nugget Take-A-Ways That You Will Use in the Future

Being an entrepreneur, dropping out of school despite and encouragement that one can only sell his or her passion, is not a wise idea because the business has to be backed up by education, especially in this competitive business world. When one sells whatever they love, it could take weeks, months, and even years, but they will still find a reason to pursue the course. Otherwise, if one proceeds to doing business out of peer pressure, the success rate is almost zero.

Any Questions That You Wish They Had Gone Over in More Detail

On the topic of leading during uncertain times, the critical problem to have focused on would have been leadership. This is because many times, uncontrollable factors could overwhelm the business leading to poor decision making, and later after the wave of uncertainty settles, the company struggles to get back to its feet.

The Overall Success of the Program (Or Lack Thereof)

The plan was a success in that most of the time; the program focused on the business environments that could compromise business success. For instance, it was an eye-opener to realize that a business had to stand and remain in the market even under uncertain circumstances, designing to think for small growth, it was clear that companies can start and stay stagnant or crumble. Still, the program was able to teach the majority on how to think about growing a small business. Lastly, the administrative personnel expect any business owner to understand the licensing aspect of the business and should comply with the latter. Through the program, the present members knew the necessity of licensing and how to register a company.

Any Constructive Feedback That We Can Use When Producing These Programs in the Future

Technology has overwhelmed almost if not all industries; education has not been left behind. It would be a great idea to employ different technological ideas in making sure the program reaches as many people as possible and even at their comfort and convenience.

  • Topics that you would like Abington's Entrepreneurship program to cover in the future.
  • How technology has impacted the entrepreneurship industry
  • Please write about how you are thinking about the event.
  • Lastly, I believe the event realized its objective and looking forward to more interactive sessions in the same.

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