Strong Company FMLA Policy

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Worker compensation is a form of insurance where employers provide medical benefits and wage replacement to members of staff injured in the course of employment with the view of employees relinquishing their right to seek legal redress for the tort of negligence. It is commonly employed in environments where employees are prone to injury (Detlefsen, 2016). The Division of Workers Compensations website provides sufficient information about workers compensation. It outlines the legal constraints for the monitoring and administration of compensation claims and provides guidelines that aid in dispute resolution. Through this website, Strong Company can understand the intricacies that surround the management of workers compensation and develop one that fits their operational environment.

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FMLA Policy

According to Cannonier (2014), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that stipulates that covered employers must provide the employees with an unpaid leave and job protection when faced with family or qualified medical problems. Some of the issues include adoption, illness, family military leave and pregnancy. The act was adopted in 1993, and the Department of Labors Wage and Hour Division oversee its administration. The fundamental intention of the Act is to provide a balance between the family needs of employees and the demands of the workplace. It allows up to a maximum of 12 weeks of unpaid leave within any 365-day period to attend to serious medical and family requirements and covers both public and private sectors (Detlefsen, 2016). However, elected officials and their immediate members of staff do not enjoy this privilege.

Strong Company provides Family and Medical Leave to its eligible members of staff. It furnishes all new employees with this information as stipulated by the United States Department of Labor FMLA in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The primary objective of this policy is to provide eligible employees with an overview of their rights under the Act. Strong Company is a covered employer and, as a result, is required by law to conform to standards obligated by the Family and Medical Leave Act. In the case of a conflict between the policy and federal or state law, employees will be favored and accorded all rights as prescribed by the law. Concerns, questions, or disputes can be channeled through the companys official contacts, that is, phone (870) 535-7617 and e-mail: [email protected].

Under the FMLA, Strong Company will grant a period not more than twelve weeks during any 12-month period to entitled members of staff. To be eligible under this policy, the employee must have worked for Strong Company for at least 12 months. The period needs not to be continuous, but the break must not exceed seven years.

Additionally, the employee must have worked at least 1250 hours during the 52-week period before the beginning of the leave. The time must not include the hours spent on leave. Moreover, he or she must work on a site with 50 or more Strong Company employees within the same environment or neighborhood.

When on leave, the employee will continue to enjoy the same benefits as he or she would if they continued working. If they choose not to return after the expiry of the leave period, the employee will be required to reimburse Strong Company the total amount paid for their health insurance during the period. The employee may request for a fitness for duty clearance from the heal service provider to prove that they are fit to resume work. In many cases, Strong Company employees on leave will be able to return to the same or identical conditions with similar working conditions, pay and benefits. However, it reserves the right to except certain employees from the provision. In incidences where the person no longer has the physical capability to satisfy the requirements of the job as a result of illness or injury, the company may assign them different duties under different terms.

Under the FMLA policy, employees must exhaust all paid leave days before being eligible for unpaid leave. The provisions for payment during leave differ from one institution to another and may be billed differently as per the companys human resource policies. In Strong Company, paid leave is offered for the first six weeks or in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance necessitating the leave.


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Detlefsen, E. G. (2016). Sarah Cole Brown, AHIP, FMLA, 19112015. Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA, 104(3), 244.

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