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Date:  2022-12-14

Assessment Summary

Leadership profile is regarded as a documentation of the leadership attributes of an individual and a checklist for the strengths, weaknesses, and aspiration of a leader. This profile is crucial in enabling a person to identify his or her talents and work on them as well as looking for ways to reduce the impact of the weaknesses that may occur along the way. The leadership profile highlights the people's skills which is a brand that promises the results desires in the assigned areas. The other quality that is included in the profile is whether the individual is inspiring trust and confidence in the people they are working with especially in delivering the brand promises. It is important for a leader also to have the capability to delegate effectively to ensure that they have continued to improve the skills of other people in the organization hence elevating the whole team. A leader is also expected to engage in performance coaching by making sure that they have given productive and skillful feedback to improve and boost the performance of the team being led. Finally, the leader is expected to influence and overcome any resistance and ensure that he or she has rallied others to support his or her ideas and other initiatives.

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My Strengths

Relationship Building

Relationship building is one of the areas that I am sure I can do well. I Like engaging people at different levels of conversation as well as getting to hear their side of the story when handling different issues such as their strengths and the talents they have. I have mastered the art of engaging people hence that one becoming of my greatest strength.


Influencing is another trait which I believe it is also my strongest point. In my career in the military, I have been able to influence many people especially in my team and when given any form of leadership role. I can work with them and giving them an opportunity to express themselves fully. This move ensures that they have increased their trust and confidence in my leadership style.

My Weaknesses


Brainstorming has not been one of my strengths though I am working towards improving it and working with others. It is the art of generating ideas that help in solving a design problem. I am sure that as time goes on, I will have improved this trait through working in collaboration with others.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is termed as a thinking process that is applied by people or an individual in achieving success in any given endeavor. I military, a slight mistake may be costly, and it requires the actions undertaken to be well-though. I am weak in this area though I believe that I will improve as time goes by.

Leadership Style


The leadership style that I exhibit is that of Theory Y or democratic in nature. I like this type of leadership since one of my strengths is giving my team the freedom they need to express themselves freely without fear or intimidation. I am best suited for this form of leadership since every team member is aware of what is expected of them and they all work in collaboration towards achieving the shared goal which is well-defined.

Relationship Leader

I believe that my strength is in relationship leadership. I weak at being task-oriented and I am working towards improving that aspect of my leadership. I will try to reduce the personal biases I have which are hindering this progress and succeeding in relationship leadership style.

Life Goals

Life goals are defined as the things that one would like to achieve or work on for them to become satisfied with who they become in the future. Setting life goals both personal and life goals is one of the surest ways of mastering your progress and appreciate the how far one has gone. Setting these life goals is easy. However, there is a need for one to have a detailed plan with various milestones to achieve to monitor your progress towards achieving these goals constantly. A plan is good because it also ensures that one is not distracted by the things that are happening around them. Over the years, I have learned that setting of life goals is a robust process of thinking about the ideal desired future and motivating an individual to transform these goals into a reality. These goals help organize time and resources as well as knowledge acquisition to accomplish them.

Personal goals and professional goals are expected to be SMART goals. The set goals should be Specific or Significant (S) such that they are well defined and clear. These goals should also be Measurable or Meaningful (M) which ensures that they will have an impact in your life and you can also track the progress. The goals set should be Attainable or Action-Oriented (A) which eliminates the urge to make goals that are beyond what one can realize. The set goals are expected to be Relevant or Rewarding (R) to make sure that once achieve you will have become better or you will have some sense of pride that you have achieved something in life. Finally, these goals are expected to be Time-bound or Trackable (T) which emphasizes having specific time which you plan to have accomplished those goals to avoid shifting the time.

Personal Goals Professional Goals
1. Master the art of conflict resolution by November 2019. 1. Complete my leadership development training by the end of 2019.
2. I plan to become a proactive mid-2019. 2. Improve on the presentation skills by August 2019
3. Read more books and more often by the end of 2019 to have read five new books. 3. Attain a rank of Brigadier General by June 2020.
4. Take care of my health and engage in a marathon in January 2020. 4. Strengthen my professional relationship before December 2019.
5. Work on my growth mindset by June 2019. 5. Enroll for a postgraduate degree in military studies by August 2020.

Achieving both personal and professional goals is a very exciting endeavor for an individual to undertake. However, achieving these goals requires a show of leadership intelligence. For over 17 years I have been in the military, I have been able to accomplish and achieve more goals in life. Over the past five years, I have had many experiences and leadership mentorship that will = enable me to accomplish the set goals. With my commitment, resilience, and determination I am sure that I will be able to realize these goals both personal and professional goals within the set timeline. In achieving these goals, I will put into action what I have been telling my team members never to give up and exploit their full potential. I will also approach issues that I will be facing along the way with open-mindedness and confidence that I will overcome and achieve the set goals.

Distinguished Alumni Bio

MSgt Michael F. Barrows served as a First Sergeant for a long time. He served in the military for more than 37 years with passion and commitment. He was a member of Air Force Global Strike Command.

He is a man of integrity and honesty. He cared and did well to other people. He joined the air force at a tender age and served at different positions and ranks. He earned respect and admiration of his peers due to his desire to build strong relationships with them. His democratic leadership promoted open-Minded, authenticity, fairness, modesty and gratitude. He was guided by his values of integrity, open-mindedness, and respect

He is a person who has a desire to learn, and this trait helped him to advance his leadership skills to hold a senior position in the military. During his career journey, he sought mentors who taught him how to be a good and effective leader helped young leaders to grow and develop in their careers.

MSgt Michael F. Barrows desire was to bring change and transformation in the society by ensuring that his peers performed their roles as expected. His followers were motivated by his desire to make them learn and to grow fast in their careers. He commanded respect due to his keen and listening abilities. He did not instill fear but asked open-ended questions to allow people to express themselves and to improve their communication skills.

SIUC was instrumental in improving his leadership skills which he used to bring great transformation to the Air Force Global Strike Command.

Action Plan

My leadership strengths include:

  • I am good at building relationships and influencing people so that that can buy into my ideas.
  • I am a caring leader who understands people and their needs. I am a good listener, and this allows me to get everything that people are saying.
  • I am a democratic and relationship-oriented leader


The lack of confidence and self-assuredness when making decisions is one of my weaknesses. I find myself questioning my decision-making abilities even though most of the time the decisions that I make are right. I waste time since the lack of confidence pushes me to consult with other people so that I get the approval that I am doing the right thing. I desire to do less of that and be confident in my decision making abilities since it would save time and ensure that things move quickly as they ought to. I would become a better leader if I improved on self-confidence and self-assuredness.

I am not good at creating symbols that help in explaining the vision that I have for the organization and my followers. Creating a language and symbols that would make the vision clear to people has been a challenge in my leadership journey. I also struggle with strategic thinking, and this can affect how my followers perceive me.

I am an emotional leader, and sometimes I find myself making decisions based on my emotions. This is a weakness since sometimes I could make a decision which may be hurtful to others which can decrease their motivation and respect on my leadership abilities. I am also unable to pay attention to nonverbal cues which are important in communication.


I intend to enroll in the Warrior Leader Course by August 2019 so that I can improve my self-confidence and self-assuredness skills. This course will be useful as I will get to learn from other successful leaders and I will also have a mentor who will guide me to become a confident person when making my decisions. This course will have great benefits for my leadership career. I will learn how to be an effective leader. I will also meet with people and share ideas that will help boost my self-confidence and courage to make decisions when they are required.

I will also seek mentors to assist me in dealing with my emotional issues. I find myself being carried away by emotions when discussing various issues with my followers. I will seek mentorship from CMSgt Lane and MSgt Pennington for the next one year so that they can teach me how to overcome my emotional limitations and personal biases. I will also learn from them to be emotionally intelligent so that I can be aware of my emotions and control them when dealing with other people. These mentors have more experience and leadership skills that have gained from experience from the job and in their personal lives which they can share and therefore shape me to become better in my career.

I also want to enroll in a communications class to learn how I can improve my communication skills. The course will take one month, and I desire to enroll in April 2019. What I desire to learn from this course is how to read nonverbal cues in conversations to capture the message that a person is passing across. Sometimes people speak but mean another thing, and it is essential for me to know how to interpret the non-verbal cues to act on them appropriately. The communication skills course will allow helping me learn how to create symbols to express my vision so that my people can understand my vision. By the...

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