Steve Jobs: A Revolutionary Innovator in STEM - Essay Sample

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The late Steve Job, chief executive officer of Apple, had a profound effect on the world through his accomplishments in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), in terms of innovation, technology, and product development as well as the retail market. This was through the development of products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He was a designer, innovator, and visionary leader who transformed product consumption and access to information while striving for quality and perfection. This passion and drive for perfection revolutionized different industries such as phones and tablets, personal computers, animated movies, music, and digital publishing (Isaacson & Jobs, 2011). He combined art, creativity, and humanities with technology and engineering to develop products that are easy to use, environment friendly, and coveted in the market by many. He saw the importance of artists and designers in making technology more desirable and emotional, as in the case of Macintosh, which became successful through creation by artists, poets, musicians, and zoologists.

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Influence in the STEM World

Steve's influence in the technical computing field is brought out through the role played by the NeXT computer company, which he co-founded in 1985. The company has played an important role by making programming the World Wide Web client easy and also developed an operating system that Apple is using today, for instance, the OS X operating system in its line of personal computers. He developed the operating system after Apple purchased NeXT in 1996 (Isaacson & Jobs, 2011).

As a leader with a high sense of integrity, Steve acquired and turned Pixar into a leader in animated feature films before selling the company to Disney in 2006 at a profit, for $7.4 billion. He had good and effective business strategies, which he applied even as he implemented new product lines.

The biggest accomplishment of Steve Jobs is in Apple, where he fostered the development of new product lines. Apple, as a company, is one of the most admired brands worldwide and has a great impact on the transformation of both individuals and companies in regard to information technology. Products include MacBook Pros, iPads, iMacs, and the most notable one is the iPhone. The iPhone has been significant in that it transformed Apple, making it the world's most valuable company and increasing its revenue. It has changed software creation and distribution methods, the way people work, photography, advertisements, and led to massive growth in the company. The creation of the Android ecosystem has made the company competitive in the technology market (Isaacson & Jobs, 2011). Apple is also environmentally friendly as it utilizes eco-conscious materials such as recycled plastics and papers in production to conserve global resources, and all its products are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Steve Jobs also utilized usable and sexy technology in his inventions to make Apple stand out as the most significant inventor and influencer as other companies scramble to create better, beautiful, and innovative products to be competitive and eye-catching to consumers. His influence is also seen in retail products, which have had a drastic influence on consumer technology with the creation of new and innovative products that are highly competitive. One of such innovations is the iPod, which was released in 2001 transformed access to music on the go as consumers could purchase hundreds of songs on a single device. This was made possible by syncing with Apple's iTunes program. The iPhone was Steve Job's next big product launch, which came with a lot of features such as the App Store, iTunes, and enabled users to make calls, browse the internet, listen to music and play games on one touchscreen-capable device. And last but not least, the iPad, another of his creation, was the first touchscreen tablet without a keyboard and spurred the development of a new industry in technology (Isaacson & Job, 2011).

Steve Jobs did also support charities and environmental concerns besides technology by making donations of over $50 million to Stanford hospitals and various AIDs projects (Isaacson & Jobs, 2011). It's therefore crucial for leaders to exercise their leadership in effective ways that can encourage more and newer innovations, as well as be involved in the building of the society by contributing to various projects for overall human development.


Steve Jobs was very influential, and his creations and innovations are still being used today. His accomplishments in user-friendly technology have revolutionized the technology industry and increased competition, especially from the introduction of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, which have increased benefits for consumers who now have a wider variety of computers, phones, and tablets to choose from when purchasing their products. Apple products are easy to use and fun as well, which proves art and design are necessary for transforming the invention and innovation of new products in the future. Research and education on art and its impact in STEM are required to ensure greater product lines are released in the market. He had a great influence on designers, engineers, scientists, and other leaders on his unwavering stand and strict quality stand, which has a great impact on product outcome and customer satisfaction.


Isaacson, W., & JOBS, S. (2011). Steve Jobs (1st ed.). Simon & Schuster.

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