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This research proposal is going to look at the factors that contribute to the onset of delinquency in the adolescent children. This research hopefully aims at assisting the criminal justice system with the intervention of preventing possible offenders before they become hardcore criminals. The research focuses on three main issues that are, lack of monitoring of the adolescent, mistreatment during childhood and neighborhood disadvantage. This research understands that to prevent delinquency in the adolescent then it is of importance for us to understand the causes of juvenile delinquency. Through this research more light will be shed on the causes of delinquency and how these causes can be prevented.

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A) Theory

A theory can be viewed as a set of scientific principles that are accepted as a means of explaining a particular phenomenon. For a theory to be accepted by most scientists, it has to be repeatedly tested by experiments and can be used as a method of predicting a certain phenomenon. My theory is that both genetics and social environment play a huge role in the development of delinquency adolescent. This research will use the inductive model of Approach because I will first need to collect data that is relevant to my topic of research. Using this approach this paper will be able to gain more data and insight that will support my theory. A hypothesis is an explanation proposed mostly on little evidence as a point of which an investigation starts. My first hypothesis is that violence in the media impacts directly on delinquent behavior. The adolescents have a higher predisposition to delinquency after exposure to media violence.


A research design is an outline that describes how an investigation is to take place, to ensure an effective way to address a research problem. This research will employ flexible research design method through the use of case study method. Data will be collected from the participants using observations, interviews, focus group discussion, and questionnaires This will help in giving an opportunity for the research problem to be looked at in depth. Through the use of this method, this study will research on adolescent individuals. Unit analysis, on the other hand, is the main entity that is being looked at in research. This research will focus on children of adolescent age to establish the reason as to the causes of delinquent behaviors.


A data sample is a set of information selected or collected from a certain population using a properly defined method. This research will employ non-probability sampling method to gather data on the issue of delinquency in adolescents. Using the quota non-probability sampling method the population will be divided into categories and then from this categories only adolescent children will be chosen. The research will choose children between the ages of thirteen to seventeen years who will then be used in the gathering of data on causes of adolescent delinquency. The sample will use around 200 participants of adolescent age to gain data on causes of delinquency in adolescents. The sample element in this research is the adolescent population those who are between the ages of 12 to 17 years.


Conceptualization is the process of clarifying and developing concepts through the use of examples and words to come up with precise definitions. Media violence propagates the culture of delinquency in adolescents this is the independent variable in this research. On the other hand, delinquent behaviors are the dependent variables because they are instigated through the viewing and listen to violent media by the adolescents.


This process involves strictly defining variables into factors that are measurable and later allows these very variables to be measured quantitatively and empirically. On the part of independent variables majority of media companies air violent programs on their networks that ultimately have an impact on the adolescent population. Delinquent behaviors, on the other hand, come about due to the huge number of teenagers watching violent shows that are being aired by the media networks.


A univariate description is usually regarded as the simplest form of quantitative analysis, and it uses a single variable as the applicable unit of analysis.

Structural model of adolescent delinquency influenced by violent media

Variables Estimated(t-value) (Direct effect) Estimates

(Indirect Effect Total(t-value) PSI

Delinquent 0.342

Media violence 0.56 0.04 0.59

Family dynamics 0.06 0.48 0.56

Sociability -0.002 -0.2 0.2

Antisocial 0.33 0.34 0.67 This study did not include the endogenous variable such as the sociability in the personality of the adolescent. The personality most of the time directly influences future participation in adult crimes. These tendencies are often brought about by them trying to copy the violence they view the media violent contents on some programs. In the end, the parsimonious best-fit model used antisocial personality pattern, sociability, dynamic family environment and media violence as direct causes and links to the development of delinquent behavior.

Bivariate description deals with two variables in an experiment that can be changed or controlled. And it is often denoted to as either X or Y for the empirical relationship between the two variables to be determined.



This process draws up conclusions based on casual connections founded on the conditions of an effect after an occurrence. Casual inference further analyzes the data when the cause changes it looks at the effect this change has on the variable.


When a concept, measurement, and conclusion are properly stated and relate well to the ideas of the real world then, that research is termed as valid. This study is well supported on this ground of validity due to numerous studies that have been conducted which support the fact that media violence is the main propagator of delinquency in the adolescent.


A measure is a quantity or a numerical value that records observable performance or value directly from a set of data. The independent and dependent variables are mutually exclusive because they bring to light issues the causative agents of juvenile delinquency.


The assumption of this research that media violence directly increases the incidence of juvenile delinquent behavior is indeed well shown in this research. Numerous research findings that support this assumption also just add to the list of factors that show that it is about time that media content should be controlled. Recent studies have also shown that juveniles viewing violent programs on the media such as through television, internet and videos can also contribute to a certain degree cause juveniles to behave aggressively. This research has discovered that media violence is the greatest contributor to juvenile delinquency. It is my recommendation that for this vice to be controlled proper measures need to be put in place more specifically by the government. Violent programs on television and videos should be strictly controlled so that children dont have access to such materials. This control measures can be achieved by the government instituting policies that bar airing of violent programs on television. And if it is a must that this programs are aired then they should be put in a late time slot when most children are already asleep.

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