Starbucks Restaurants Evaluation Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-03

Starbucks Corporation is among the most famous coffee house chains in the world. The company offers second wave coffee served in 28,218 locations worldwide. Starbucks restaurants offer a wide variety of foods and drinks such as whole-bean coffee, Frappuccino beverages, evolution fresh juices, hot and cold beverages, espresso, Full-and-Loose Leaf tea, Caffe Latte, La Boulange pastries, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and snacks such as crackers and chips (Garthwaite 22). Among these offerings, Starbucks popularizes its darkly roasted coffee and distinguishes itself from other American coffee restaurants by, customer experience, quality, and taste. The following is an evaluation argument of the restaurants' atmosphere, customer service delivery, quality of foods and drinks, value and prices of its foods and drinks as well as the impacts of the restaurants to the surrounding population.

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Despite the varied opinions of the other people, the atmosphere in which Starbucks restaurants operate is very conducive. As soon as you get into the restaurant, there is a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Customers' seats are arranged with a rich artistic style that offers ultimate comfort while drinking or munching the foods (Garthwaite 26). The arrangement style of chairs is well designed to enable every customer to have a comfortable view of the televisions in the hotel room. The seats are arranged in clusters that allow customers to sit in rounds thereby, making them feel at home. The arrangement style is especially suitable for customers with families.

In addition to that, everything is clean from the floors, walls to the utensils and cups used to serve foods and drinks. Despite the differences in the standards of hygiene expected by various customers, the case of hygiene standards of this restaurant is exceptional. Starbucks pays close attention to the cleanliness of their business environment. They maintain high standards of hygiene that enables customers to eat or drink with high confidence. There is a guaranteed safety for customers' health. High standards of hygiene are a strict policy requirement for all food restaurants for health safety of the public (Schultz 43). The restaurant guarantees customers health safety.

Starbucks restaurants offer an excellent customer experience. Baristas are very hospitable; they warmly welcome all visitors with smiles and friendliness that makes everyone feels at home and relief from a day's stress (Schultz 18). They are very hospitable, calm and composed to serve everyone with great respect and honor. Baristas are well versed with knowledge and understanding of the dishes and drinks offered at the restaurant. Therefore, they are very swift in their service so that no customer may take a long time for their orders to be served. It is very fantastic to see how fast the baristas serve customers with great interest and perfection. It brings an untold relief and contention.

Moreover, Starbucks facilities supersede customers' expectations (Simon 14). There is a free Wi-Fi network that enables customers to surf the net while enjoying their favorite drinks. An elegant show on the television reinforces further relief from the customers stressful day's work and brings them untold joy and comfort. In addition to that, there is a breathtaking view of the general splendor of the hotel room. Nice inside decorations offer comfort, and a feel of paradise, landscaping in the outside is beautiful and admirable. Generally, Starbucks restaurants are fulminating with great joy and excitement.

Starbucks offer high-quality foods and drinks that befit a king. The meals are incredibly delicious and tasty that makes customers thirst for more. The Peppermint Mocha, for example, is very nutritious, tasty and boosts brain functions (Garthwaite 42). Caramel Latte is luxuriously nice and silky, giving a very memorable experience and relaxation. Moreover, the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha is extremely sweet and nutritious offering replenishment to the heart and mind. The great taste and quality of Starbucks' foods and drinks leaves customers wowed and drooling for more.

Moreover, the prices of Starbucks' foods and drinks are relatively low and pocket-friendly. Despite the opposing opinions, the food prices are relatively affordable and flexible compared to other rival restaurants (Simon 9). For example, Mocha Frappuccino costs less than $4.95 only for the venti size, the mini Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino costs $3.75 only. Additionally, most of the foods offered at the Starbucks restaurants cost less than $5 only. Therefore, the prices are very affordable and pocket-friendly. Everyone can get access to their favorite meals and drinks at any time whether in the day or night.

Additionally, customers derive a value for money for every food and drink served at the restaurant (Garthwaite 26). The baristas are extravagantly experienced at serving customers with their desired orders as fast as they are made. The augmented experience of reality adds more joy and mesmeric experience at the restaurant. The foods and drinks are in the appropriate quality and quantity that gives the satisfaction that any customer can desire. As a result, customers always obtain the satisfaction and contentment for every meal or drink served.

The observable shortcoming of Starbucks, especially the Florida branch is that there is an insufficient parking lot for the visitors' vehicles. Hence, the visitors have to search for the space to park their vehicles to enjoy the best experience within the hotel. As a result, most customers get discouraged or even look for the nearby restaurant with ample space for their vehicles. The inadequate space outside the hotel makes it difficult to access and therefore strains the customers expected to experience.

Generally, Starbucks has brought numerous positive impacts to the people in its global locations in the following ways. First, the restaurants offer numerous employment opportunities to people of various careers such as managers, baristas, chefs, security personnel, accountants, and many others. As a result, it has enhanced better living standards for many people across the globe. In addition to that, Starbucks restaurants offer sweet and high-quality foods rich in nutrients that replenish the health requirements for people all over the world (Schultz 12). Therefore, the company has boosted the health of a vast number of its customers across the globe. Moreover, the company contributes to high economic growth and development in the host countries and contributes to high Gross Domestic Product for the government of the United States of America.

The following are the recommendations for the progressive success of the company. The company should provide an adequate lot for customers parking in some of its branches such as the Florida City restaurant. Second, Starbucks should establish more branches to create more employment opportunities, especially for the youths to alleviate the global unemployment crisis.


In conclusion, based on the arguments above, it can be understood that Starbucks is a very significant food restaurant not only in the United States but also in its numerous locations all over the world. The company offers the state of the art services to customers, giving the value for money for every visit and spending (Simon 43). Its operation atmosphere is very conducive, clean and tidy. The foods prepared with the right quality and standards. Moreover, service delivery exceeds customers' expectations. Furthermore, the company contributes to numerous employment opportunities, increased economic growth, and development, as well as high Gross Domestic Product to the United States of America.

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