Speech Example on The Incredible Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Date:  2023-04-08


Arnold Schwarzenegger: he is a proactive and renowned Austrian-American businessman, filmmaker, businessman, politician, and serious body Builder. He has acted a myriad of movies that have benefited the crowd a lot.

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Reasons for listening: the main reasons that this speech should be looking among them are that the audience needs to know Arnold Schwarzenegger. Growing up to be a successful person in life by Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great motivation that the audience needs to take. There are three main focuses on this speech, which are the early life, bodybuilding stage, and the life of this began after bodybuilding hence playing a significant role in their daily life.

Thesis Statement: early life, bodybuilding age, and experience after bodybuilding remain relevant to a lot of youths and other parties interested in bodybuilding taking Arnold Schwarzenegger as their role model.

Prevue of the Main Points

The main points of my speech are about Arnold Schwarzenegger, his early life, his bodybuilding and life after bodybuilding.

I will start by describing the early life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is my main topic of speech. Arnold Schwarzenegger in an Austria America with the original home country being Austria in the year 1947. Despite the act the Arnold Schwarzenegger having a dull childhood day with an irresponsible and alcoholic police officer (Mann 208). His father was, at some point, a member of the Nazi party. His early childhood life, however, never seems to display a lot about his carrier later on in life. He looked less active during his early age while others of his age were already in the athletic sector.

My speech moreover focuses on bodybuilding life; this is where he was actively engaged in various bodybuilding exercises and tournaments in order to sharpen his skills that would later in life become essential in his life. The bodybuilding exercise is strenuous for the ordinary person who does not have an interest in film making and bodybuilding. My speech will be very crucial for the audience who might develop an interest in joining the team of bodybuilders.

Another main point I will discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger is time after bodybuilding. This is the most boring time for everyone because the minds are less strained and hence calling up the generation of ideas. Some of the main activities carried out by the people after work are: watching movies, listening to music, while others engage in active politics. Some of these activities are done for leisure, while others are done to enhance competition among the involved parties. Arnold Schwarzenegger in participating in environmental conservation and politics whenever he is away on after body build-up exercises, which keeps him physically fit (Erdos 214).

Transition: Now that I didn't' explicitly discuss the above-stated points to exhaustion, I will, therefore, discuss some of the points in my speech that neither are the main points nor major factors that contributed to the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just like the majority of the successful people, he loved songs and relics ever from when he was a young man to date. Songs and musical instruments are categorized as some of the main. This approach is essential for psychological purposes, and it relieves the accumulated fatigue and boredom in the mindset of an individual.


It contains the review of my speech, which had been earlier designed and prepared so that I check and verify I addressed all the selected key points that were to be discussed about Arnold Schwarzenegger. These points were:

  • Early childhood life
  • Bodybuilding stage of people
  • After bodybuilding exercises.

Upon reviewing all the rhetorical test questions of my speech, I realized that I addressed all the questions, and therefore my speech objective was highly to characterize by obtaining facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is my speech's major topic.

Closure: I took an opportunity to explain to my audience that my topic Arnold Schwarzenegger is one who is renowned for his outstanding aspects of living. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a businessman, politician, and a bodybuilder. With all this attributed in life, I reminded my audience, therefore that, that was an influential man and should not disclose the confidential information of such an individual.

However, this celebrity, Arnold Schwarzenegger, should serve as a role model for many people because his presentation is quite different from the presentation by others. Therefore, my speech emphasizes the regardless of the current situations of an individual; there would be a better opportunity as depicted by the gentlemen. Thus, this informative speech adequately served the primary intended purpose by offering the people (audience) an opportunity to know that commercial resting periods are paramount for good body development and cognitive activity.

Work Cited

Erdos, Laszlo. "Arnold Schwarzenegger-The Strong Man of Environmentalism." Green Heroes. Springer, Cham, 2019. 213-216.

Mann, Craig Ian. "'It rained fire': The Running Man from Bachman to Schwarzenegger." Science Fiction Film & Television 10.2 (2017): 197-213.

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