Speech Example on Administrative Service Manager

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Date:  2022-10-12


Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like to talk about a job description of an administrative services manager. In addition to that, I would also like to mention how individuals in this kind of position can advance something that God values. Executive service manager must coordinate, direct as well as plan various administrative services in a given organization. Such services include planning and maintenances, the distribution of emails, management of information and records among others. The administrative service manager can have a different job title in a different organization that includes office manager, administrative specialist among others. Planning, cordinatingm controling are the major taks for administartive services managers but they can also use these platforms to spread the word of God by acting as an example to others on how christian should behave.

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Controlling, administering as well as planning of control budget for supplies, equipment, a contract among others are some of the tasks descriptions of an administrative services manager. In addition to that, they can also prepare operational budgets. In some organization, administrative services manager can coordinate or direct the support service of an organization, agency or even a business. They can also review and prepare in the schedule in ensuring efficiency and accuracy is achieved. In business organizations, administrative service manager are given the mandate to terminate or hire administrative personnel or clericals. They can also establish goals and objectives that can be achieved in a given period. In construction industries, administrative service managers can be given responsibilities of the repair as well as maintenance of machinery used in such industries. The most important aspect to note that duties of administrative services manager differ from one organization to another. The responsibilities also depend on the ambiguity of the organization. For instance, in a 24-bed clinic, the services of an administrative manager may not be needed. In a hospital with different departments, administrative service manager's services are critical in coordinating of activities within the facility.

Services to humanity are services to God. In a hospital setting, administrative services manager has the responsibilities of planning and coordinating healthcare services to ensure quality delivery of services. Patients can get the needed medical attention in advance thus avoiding much more complications. This kind of setting, administrative services managers can be perceived as doing the work of God.

In business settings, administrative services managers can also promote the word of God through proper controlling of the business. During the employment, they have to sign terms and conditions that require them to carry out their duties in a diligent manner without fear or favor. Doing their work perfectly is part of following instructions and being obedience by the will of God. It is also worth mentioning that instructions come in many ways and obeying this instruction is a good way of promoting the will of God.

Administrative services manager need to make sure that the working environment is suitable and conducive for all the workers. This includes providing workers with protective gears and a safe, healthy environment. By doing so, they can show compassionate and patients for others. This can be considered as part of doing acting by the will of God. The bible states that individuals should care for the others and love them the way. Gods love all of us. Extending this kind of love is essential and critical, and it is considered as a way of spreading the word of God.

Being an example to others is also another way that administrative assistance can promote the will of God. These virtues are what makes the difference between leaders and managers. Managers take care of the factors of production while leaders invest in the employee because are the most important factor of production. They tend to provide the needed labor for converting raw materials to complete goods and services. Through investment on people, leaders can motivate the employee into doing something they never thought they would do before.

With advancement in technology, there is a way in which administrative services managers can spread the word of God in the workplace. They can employ the use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram among others. Encouraging workmates to respect and obey the will of God can also be critical and appropriate for individuals in these job position.


In conclusion, allow me to point out and remind you that administrative services role may differ from one organization to another. In general, the administrative services managers' role includes coordinating, controlling and planning activities in a given organization. In addition to that, they can develop and share strategic goals and objectives of the organization. They are also responsible for making sure that planning is part of the objectives of the organization. In the workplace, administrative services manager can carry out activities in accordance to the will of God. This includes caring for fellow workmates by making sure they can live in a safe environment. They can also set examples to others by being a good Christian.

I would like to thank you all for creating your time to follow this discussion. Special thanks to our professor for presenting us the opportunity to share these. My last words are, if you want to be an administrative manager, remember to serve God.

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