Spectator Satisfaction at Sports Events: Factors & Strategies - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-29


Many factors influence how much satisfaction fans get when they attend a sports event. Spectator satisfaction refers to the fan's judgment of fulfillment from the sports event (Koenig-Lewis, Asaad & Palmer, 2018). It is essential as a sports organizer that you ensure that all the fans attending the sports event get as much satisfaction. It can be attained by providing that the services offered are of quality. Various factors determine the amount of joy that spectators gain after attending a sports event. Due to the competitive nature of the sports industry, an organization should be able to ensure that all those who attend their sports function get the satisfaction they were hoping. Sports is all about the experience. Fan attend a sports event with a motive, either to satisfy a personal need or to gain other benefits. In this paper, we are going to look at the various factors that influence fan satisfaction in a sports event.

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The first factor is the amount of participation that the fans will have in the sports event. Many fans travel with the purpose of being involved in a sport, leisure, recreation, or fitness activity (Duan, Liu & He, 2019). Sports spectating means watching the event. The aspect of motivation also determines the satisfaction that fans get in a sports event. Some of the things that motivate people in a sports activity include the chance to spend time with their families and friends (Kim, Park & Kim, 2016). The enjoyment that comes with it determines the amount of satisfaction that the spectators gain. A study has shown that an increase in team identification and participation among fans results in high levels of satisfaction among the fans.

Another factor that influences spectator satisfaction is their attitude towards given sports. It is vital that a sports organizer carry out research on the kind of games that the people they intend to have like and those that they don't like. When the spectators have a right attitude toward sports, they are more likely to have a high level of satisfaction compared to those with a negative attitude towards the same sports event. Research has also shown that fans that identify with a particular team have the right attitude towards that team which leads to their satisfaction (Lee, & Kang, 2015)

The third factor that determines the level of spectator satisfaction in a sports event is the quality of services they receive in the game. Research has shown that service value and service quality lead to happiness (Theodorakis et al., 2015). It is essential that in all sports events, the spectators get the satisfaction they were after. The results obtained from the research can be used by organizations to improve the quality of their services. It ensures that all the fans attending their sports event get the satisfaction they need. The class should also be consistent in all sports occasions. Satisfaction also leads to spectator loyalty, which is suitable for a sports event or organization.

The fourth factor that influences customer satisfaction is facility. Spectators expect to get the best comfort and convenience when attending a sports event. It has led to many sports teams improving the standards of their stadiums to ensure that the fans are satisfied. Inadequate facilities either due to the construction or design are mostly blamed for low attendance as the fans are not happy with the conditions of the facility. It has been found that spectators who enjoy being in a facility are most likely to return to the facility while those not satisfied will never return there (Jensen, Limbu, & Choi, 2016).


It is essential that when organizing a sports event, factors that influence the fans satisfaction to be considered to ensure that the fans come out of the place with the best experience. The quality of the services provided in the event should be well taken care of to ensure that the fans enjoy being in the game. Also, the facility should be kept in good condition for the maximum comfort of the spectators, which will lead to their satisfaction.


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