Biogeochemical Processes and Ethics in Organic Store's Operations Essay

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Date:  2022-07-07

The primary focus of this letter is to provide a report of the effects of the organic store's construction project planned to be executed near the Fox River, Batavia, Illinois. Arguably, the project will be good for the community through its economic development merits, such as offering employment opportunities to the locals. It will also improve the communication infrastructure in the region and as a result, elevate the living standards of the Batavia residents. Nevertheless, the construction will also pose a significant danger to the living things that are dependent on River Texas for their survival. That is through the pollution of the river by organic waste materials that might be released by the organic store to the river and its environments.

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There are two biochemical cycles that will be affected by the organic store's operations after its implementation. The hydrologic cycle is the first biochemical cycle and it is the natural system through which water from the environment passes into the earth's atmosphere in form of water vapor precipitates. The precipitates then fall on the earth's surface in liquid or solid form and it is used by the living organisms. Water supplies oxygen to numerous aquatic organisms and in the process promotes their livelihood. However, the waste materials that will be released to the Fox River and its environment by the organic store will also be dissolved in the water vapor precipitates. Subsequently, the dissolved organic elements will also contaminate the oxygen levels present in water, which will be raining on the ground.

The nitrogen cycle is also a biochemical process that will be affected by the organic store's activities after its implementation in Batavia. Nitrogen is among the biochemical elements that exist in the environment and it is required by living things in the manufacture of nucleic acids and amino acids. Nevertheless, average living organisms cannot absorb atmospheric nitrogen in gaseous form and instead, they absorb nitrogen elements stored in the soil in form of ammonium nitrate (NO2), (NH4+), ammonia (NH3), as well as nitrate (NO3). As such, the disposal of organic materials by the organic store in the Fox River and its environments will cause an imbalance of nitrogen preserved in the soil. Subsequently, the occurrence will also affect the living organisms that are dependent on the soil for their nitrogen nutrients.

In light of such stated environmental risks, the organic store in Batavia will have to be reminded, hopefully through the Batavia Times Newspaper, that they have a responsibility to promote the environmental business ethics. Additionally, this move will be important because all development or construction projects must comply with the environmental protection policies to preserve the wellness of all the living things that depend on a defined ecosystem. From an ethical perspective, the organic startup will have to understand that all living organisms that are in the environs of the Texas River where the establishment will be located are important. That is in obtaining a balanced ecosystem that is healthy and naturally dependent on each other for survival.


On a different ethical viewpoint, the establishment of the organic store in Batavia will be economically beneficial to the whole society. However, the profit-generating goal of the startup should not comprise the establishment's ethical startup after it has been implemented. Instead, the startup should be established but under strict supervision in reference to its safe disposal of all organic waste products that are emitted from the store's manufacturing process.

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